THE USUAL SUSPECT (lyrics as they were written but may not be how they were spit, in some instances) As if I need an introduction my three thumbs show their function Just like bumble bees I'm buzzin And yall on ya knees just suckin Yeah Suckin dick for likes yall clearly thots And I ain't talking state of minds when I clear ya thoughts Yall some friendly to my face yeah bend a knee in grace Salute to the grind, but envy of his place Become a king thru slavin a picture it mythical Im King fuckin david my scripture is so biblical Lyrics I've been craving, let's not eat up the typical Critics fuckin raving..ecstasy is critical Mack 11 put 12 down just for no reason Then at 7 till sundown depending on the season I hunt for those who have treasoned and murk em off the planet Cant stand it demanded to hand it over to who planned it Cut a pinky from your whore wifey hand Tell her "sweety he has your life in hand" And I hand that life over to the baphomet half a life time ago u dont know the half of it U can die go ahead Ur lie spoken so your eyes swollen And why most friends roll with nine grown men I kill solo like kylo ren Ur a sucker hater I'm in the upper chamber Only time your an artist is a sculptor painter Ur songs are on..I hear those.. Then I quickly Vincent Vangogh my ear lobes Bang on u like a bongo I'm ballin buy a condo U cant afford to drop a dime..u aint rondo Essentially I'm essential to any success here Mentally u a menstrual cycling transgender lez queer #TheUsualSuspect #KeyserSozay #KevinSpacey #QuickSpitForYaHatas #HiHataz #FuckYou2 #bmbest #bmgold #bmgrind #bmvideo #moderatoren #rap #hiphop #music #rapfame #rapfamebest #2021 #2021heat #heat2021 #rapfamecertified #firesyndicate


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6 days ago

cut a pinky from your whore wifeyy hand 😅😅😅 thiss trackkk is dope.

22 days ago

that's pressure

24 days ago

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