Underground Ft Unkle Joe

Underground Ft Unkle Joe


mixed and mastered by The Dean, I also own unlimited rights to this beat. shout out to the homie Unkle Joe for another classic🔥💯 let us know how you dig this joint *OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE "THE DEAN"*▶️ Dean Verse; I'll say this I came from humble beginnings Standing all alone with no pot to piss in Had to get it on my own I had alot that was missing Now they see me on the top, I got that too row Vision They say I'm popping off alot and I should settle down Never gave props when all I drop is hot it's never foul Walk with me and envision the greatness I talk different and they don't get it different language We too wild we the two that they talking bout With two styles that we use when we chalk em out Line em up and then we're knocking em down I been straight climbing up and I'm on top of it now They say Dean bring the heat with a beat Lyrical I bodied frees they ain't competing with me My shit talkings like a grown pit barking You get bodied when my flow gets started Who you know that bring the bars in like that Home invasion homie like we had to charge thru the back And I ain't taking what you got I'm taking what you had Cause the jobs already done, what you gone take it back? I'm underground so it's at night when I'm coming out You running rounds have the hounds come and gun you down #Undergroundcollab #DeanUnkle #UnkleDean #SYLA #Syla #rfbest #bmbest #DeanUnderground


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Yo @thedean716! Waddup - let's take a look at 'Underground Ft Unkle Joe'! Your vocals are the perfect level over the beat and are really clear, that's amazing! The bars and delivery are awesome, so many tight flows!! We think this track is dope and could be real popular!! Submit more for instant feedback with us to see how you're progressing! All the best, The Rap Fame Team

20 days ago

damn.. how I missed this? 🔥

27 days ago

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