@Lashoota187 #botms #lashootaTX #G5TX #FYGHEARTLRSS #FYG21 #FYGENT #RAP #HIPHOP #TEXAS #FYGPROBLEMS. #G5LASHOOTATX HOOK problems we all go threw that shit. regardless i guess thats y. im heartless. yea. i know nighas who got shot they wasnt the target. i guess thats y im heartless yea G5V1 remember when i have shit we was sleepin on tthe carpet. only a couple outfits when u looked in my closet. me and my cuzin tradin clothes so we could look good. for them hoes sum. yung nighas in the h u know this shit go. u couldnt tell us shit bitch u know we had da glow. remember we was stealin out the corner sto. my lil cuz still posted by dat cononco. u know on broad way. it aint no musical they get ya gone. posted up. on rock hill that shit was set in stone. mane shout out my nigha poppa up in them jungle. homes. we been rockin since. sum yungins. now my niggas grown i cant wait. till all my niggas on. im from da north the south my second home i chunk up them 4 s nigga im.from acres home. riding bikes all thru my hood raised on depriest lets get that under stood me and all my fam there i wish a nigga would LASHOOTA V2 see we coming from the streets where it get wicked catch a opp lacking I promise we leave em missing we shoot dice in the hood running from laws and jumping fences free my nigga black I ain't seen em in a minute I'm from deadend selinsky block my niggas they be stepping pull up on yo block and I promise it gone get deadly I remember when I was dead broke I was sleeping in my chevy don't ask for help but i was fucked up and they ain't help me but look at me now I got my bread up they left me out in the rain and I got fed up went and laced up my shoes and got some bread bruh and when niggas spoke on my name pussy nigga I stood up stood up tall like a soldier you a pussy if let a nigga run u over, I'm in the hood with them drums and you know my pockets swollen hunnits busting out my jeans like hulk hogan I got the game in a ankle like but I'm not kurt angle if u ain't from here u can't come I swear it gone get dangerous that glock on my hip if I pull it then I'm slanging it FYG the gang nigga fuck u if u ain't banging it G5 V3 them nighas knowing we been guttah out the gate. we out the hood wit them tools u a get ya section ate im out the bottom of the map tryna escape. i never leave my bruddas we was built. just for the race stay away from the fake gotta move a certain way fyg. my fuckin squadrins. yea we really run this place bitch we trending set the pace the young niggas a get u laced if my dawg don't fuck wit u then it's up there any way bitch I'm loyal to my grave for my dawgs I get u slayed I done been thru hell n back that's y I'm stuck up in my ways if that nigga think I'm pussy tell em pull up were I stay bitch u know just I'm how I'm rockin gotta put me in a grave yea yea


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