Ft @vigilantyflawda & @BR33ZE01 #tictactoeTM #TMALLSTARS2 HOOK Can you throw that ass back? I just need one more chance I wanna get rich, check checks But fuck any snitch that chat, chat, chat I ain’t down wit the chit chat dawg Double cross you like tic-tac-toe I just mind my biz yeah I peep no hoe Real bitches move in silence yeah tip tip toe VIGI VERSE Like a game of catch shawty throw that ass back GPS on it cuz it knows where the cash at you got racks you let the money talk no chit chat the money in your pockets verses mine that's a mis match gotta celebrate when you came up from zip now life's sweet as lucky charms no lil flip use to wear steel cuffs now it's gold around my wrist I soak in the moment guess you can say I got drip slick as a banana peel you boys slipping when the paint on ya whip wet these haters dry snitching gotta get that acrobatic currency it keeps flipping chase the finer things and you won't have to chase fine women no everything will come to you like you magnetic when you fly as angels like lucifer they get jealous I pushed through them rainy days like an umbrella keeping bug niggas off of me like citronella HOOK BR33ZE VERSE Throw dat ass back, Lemme see dat ass clap, Come on kiss me on the lips so I can hit it right there You know imma line you up and throw dem fuckin stacks tho, Cross you up and exit out , I call it , tic , tack toe , Imma legendary ordinary boss like nigga Put my Yella on my lap and make her bounce like tigga... Bounce like tigger , make her bounce wit the rhythm, She know imma real nigga so she be like ooo killeemm Got my money right I’m flyin like the pilot to get em, And none of you niggas fuckin wit me imma air out the semi , I got dat heater on the side me just in case of the problems I got my homies wit me strapped I promise dats how we rockin, I’m in dat whip and AINT no bulletproof to cover me If imma dip , I got my Queen in the recovery Put me on dat paper baby Gimmie all dat luxury I got dat pussy smokin like my baby when she missin me HOOK NAYME VERSE Y’all see me In tv Rapping wit breeze and Vigi I’m deeply into my craft, I’m winnin How can I lose with bitches? I don’t give fuck bout beefin, I ain’t vegan no I know she envy my glow I got the Midas touch Everything I’m on that’s a golden plus I need golden car, I need a golden queen Nayme on a track with a flawda King And with anotha king, how you call this team? This is an empire im on cocky shit You can’t tell me thing, she real real thick I kno she gotta jump into jean HOOK @moderator_en


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damn all 3 of yall killed dis 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥

27 days ago

Yo mixes 🔥 and on point no cap! This slap!#SupportTheReal

1 month ago

wow amazing

2 months ago

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