Sicko featuring O.M.Y.

Sicko featuring O.M.Y.


Sicko featuring @O.M.Y. #SickoC #Sicko #HappyLittleSicko #SleepTight #TRAXKMASTERS #Crissy #YouAboutToBurn This don't make no sense I'm about to do something senseless Dark thoughts they're endless You bout to be missing I'm impulsive I can snap out of the blue If that happens you are screwed I'm about to come unglued I... I am not afraid to get my fuckin fingers dirty If you send me out your window maybe you should worry Michael Myers slow walking bitch you better hurry When they ask my whereabouts, I'll tell them that my thoughts are murky People wanna push but I don't think that's smart Fuck around and find a rusty blade inside your heart Say goodbye to your spouse, in death you bout to part Just cuz I wanna make you suffer, I won't keep it short Gone and scream. Nobody can save you Bitch you made me do the shit and now you in the grave you pushed me to the edge and this is my way to repay you hope you got the sunscreen cuz the flames await you I can't help it, I'm a happy little sicko Sleep tight I'll be right outside your window I'm a great white shark and you're a minnow Find it a delight to make your blood sprinkle


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@missmewiththebs @o.m.y Grimey yall killing this πŸ‘ΊπŸ’¨

14 minutes ago

Fuckin love this

3 days ago

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