Dare You to Breathe ft r2

Dare You to Breathe ft r2


BeeTree ft @r2musik - Dare You to Breathe #BeeTree #r2Musik #TrendSetterZ #DareYoutoBreathe #BeeTreeXr2 Track is not directly pointed at anyone ✊ #TrendSetterZ 💯 Lyrics may be slightly off 👈 ((BeeTree)) Hold a nife to ur jugular, I dare you to breath I’m just killing every mc that step to the team I’m the lockness -monster , trippin on e Every thing I spit is murder watch me bully the beat I fuck a blonde dike with a clondyke , bitch mad told her go an find a singer song guy wearing tydye , The bad guy -me turning rappers into she Surgery I do it free , transgender now sheesh This goes out to any mc insulted by this Probably think this track about u I’m just talking my shit I don’t even say a name and rappers turn into bitch Everytime I spit I rhyme it always come with a kick If u dare to jump front it’s garented u getin hit Hope that I can catch a feature without holding my lip I’m an agrivated individual good at mixing up these syllables, An I ain’t saying I’m the best but got the confidence to cut ur neck I just stand for what I rep , TrendSetterZ show respect I no that All my haters pissed Outnof nowhere magic tricks Hip hop dreams I’m breathing this Hook : Hold a nife to ur jugular, I dare you to breath I am killing any MC stepping to me I’m the lockness monster , trippin on e I’m a mother fuckin bully watch me bully the beat I be repping every letter from the T to the Z I don’t need a fucking deal I make music for me , Why U think we up on on rap fame dropping for free ? See my brain ain’t never cloudy I’m as real as can be , ((r2)) real as can be don't make em realer than me that's a very true statement unfortunately oh oh snap guess who back finna make it crackle pop Need to listen up cuz u MFs talk alot mediocre word play fuk giving u mercy my weakest rhyme could take out your hardest rhyme on a Thursday misery & company bitch come here & comfort me she giving me head while I give these rappers the 3rd degree my city my state my time my GOD woke up from 3 year nap && started goin hard fire with the gasoline THAT represent me & my team Kruger no nightmare this is real FUK a dream all I'm saying is who ever want it I got it MR. Popular bitch you done made me a TOPIC r2 r2 I'ma threat boy.. a decade in the game I'ma VET boy controversy egotist misunderstood cooking up beef no propane or wood fire man fire man no young money got nothing to prove I ain't never been a crash dummy click clack pop man down killer flo all I do is murder murder but I ain't no killer tho I'ma lover not a fighter but a fighter if I must be I am one of the best doin it trust me Hook


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this is gangster for real I'm bobbing my head to it right now fking right out fking standing work

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