This Is Me

This Is Me


BeeTree -This Is Me I think most people are a little crazy ? Not sure 🤔 #BeeTree #TrendSetterZ #ThiisIsMe #CoomeAnSee Lyrics may be slightly off 👈 Lately feels like people only see me as a enemy like why this feel like this a sequel to my elementary But Now I’m fighting back cause you can’t never get the best of me I’m fucked up in the head but I remember every lesson see ———— Hook: This is me , this is me , Come and see This is me , this is me , Fuck you mean I Make music just so I can play it back it back when I i need help Lately feels like I’m insane but I should keep that to myself On every track I just express exactly how I fucking felt , But I ain’t feeling shit cause I’m so high i fucking lose myself —————— My doctor said my Add has changed it’s fucking name again , prescribed me on some crazy pills I’m higher than iv ever been That’s how I got this potent pen, spitting out my medicine , A Crack addicted lettermen an I’m just getting better man So what I’m off my rocker and I got some sketchy tendencies I’m Never taking shit an that might be the fucking death of me Hear these Voices in my head feels like I’m living with my enemies Im screaming at myself like how the fuck am I offending me I’m Focused now I’m after it I’m Spitting out some tragic shit Master craftin magic tricks An plus I’m seeing double -shit- Ok- hold up - what is this ? Cause ima need some more an quick Fucking doctor what a prick I’m fucking hooked , I got the itch Lately I feel like nobody out there really listening But if you do ur just like me crazy insane mentally Sometimes i need to stop breath , anxiety from xtc Or am I wrong is it just me ? This my life This is Bee All that I no Is I’m ganna grow Reap what I so Get what I’m owed Hate on me now Just letting you know Killin it quick Never will quit Covid with this Cough like a prick Delivery hits Way too legit But I cannot quit till every single person out there hear this , I wrote this track in a couple of minutes, Peaking on pills I don’t recommend it , You don’t have to like I won’t get offended , Can’t fuck with the bullshit or any pretending I’m dropping these tracks the way I intended Got pushed to the side i won’t be suspended My rhymes getting longer I got a extender My clip hits the ground I aim for ur temple —————— Hook


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🔥 this killing

6 days ago

I fucking love this

18 days ago

this is sick man nice work for real keep it up

19 days ago

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