Valley of death!

Valley of death!


As I walk thru, the valley of death. God on my right, Squad on my left. Even though I'm strong. (Lord) I can't do it alone, on my own. Plenty of ammunition, in the Jungle. Keep extensions, like hair bundles. Sleepwalkers, stumble. Mumble Rappers mumble, but it be the humble. Negus ready to rumble! Pussys get pummeled! Every since New year's, been hungry out here. All the jobs dissapeared. Stimulus check ain't clear. My neighbor, lost his career. loss his mind behind, jumped off the pier. CEO's in Cashmere, looking down from leers. While popo attack our peers. With tear gas, & riot gear. In our last days, the end is near. Controlled by fear! Emails leaked... Trump got Impeached, for national security breach. Whole time had his feet up, on the beach. 12 weak! Terrible with colors, (Preach!) but great with whites, like bleach. (Teach!) Transgender Agenda. Pretenders... Want Bobby, too become brenda. Old bones need adrenochrome, & placentas. Plandemic is a gimmick. Before you become a critic. You don't get it, until you check into the clinic. Monkey see, monkeys mimic. I'm a gorilla with the lyrics. Fck doctor visits, Most high defy the laws of physics. As I walk thru, the valley of death. God on my right, Squad on my left! Even though I'm strong. (Lord!) I can't do it alone, on my own... End of the World! No life in sight, not even a squirrel. Just lost aunt Pearl. Trying to be thorough, & protect my lil girl. From the underworld referrals... Fallen angels, attacking at every angle. Tangling with tangos, getting strangled. Diablo got mangled. Chains on my ankle, dangle. Unchain me, Django! (Unchained) Sun came, after the rain. Enjoy the joy, but never forget the pain. Blame it on, Boy & cocaine. Why young boys getting slained. Gods disciples, said his name in vain. Gain the world, but missed the soul train. Guilty on judgment day, trying too explain. God's pissed! Rest in piss, thrown in the abyss! Burn too a crisp, don't deserve to exist. Kiss of death, no jade kiss? Dismissed trust me, you won't be missed! My soul, is all I got! Jail's cold, but hell's hot! Trapped in a cell, until I rott. Pray before I lay, on da cott. That forgive me, for all the ops. That I shot! Bridge... #ParadoxRecordsUnderground #UnorthodoxRecAndSound🛰 #Teambarriffic #TeamHighway #LocoEnt #Loco4Music #LBKC #EliteRecords #EliteBarz #BDI #Ram4Life #ItRecords #realCnR #TheInstitute #Immortals #Gta #rapfame #Rap #Trap #Hiphop #rapfamelive #Drill #BoomBap #Bmbest #Bmbeast #Bmvideo #Bmgrind #Bmgold #Bmheat #2021heat #heat #heatN2022² #LAVAWAVE #MAGMA #¹WAVE ~#william_h2õfισ


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Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 9/10 Impression: 9/10 Bars: Dope 🔥 Delivery: Dope 🔥 Impression: Dope 🔥

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U kill this

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