Life Ain’t What It Seems

Life Ain’t What It Seems


#Lifeaintwhatitseems #Twilightzone1 #Whatislife1 #Syla @Rapfamebeat #Moderator_en @Moderator_en #bmbest #bmvideo #Rapfamebest #SYLA @Bmbest #battlemeapp #2k21 #2021fire #2021heat #2021 #bmgrind #featuredmaterial #rap #Bars #bmhiphop #rapfame #battleme Chorus Life ain’t what it seems, reality’s a dream Believe what you wanna But the truth is undercover They fill your head with lies But if you open up your eyes you start to realize Life ain’t what it seems, life ain’t what it seems Verse 1 Life ain’t what it seems, but us as human beings Are content with what we’re seeing And don’t overthink these things They tell us covid’s here, and control us wit our fear to me it’s pretty clear, there’s agendas everywhere We got Merz and czars, shootings in the bars Millions of deaths from cars, but to me it’s just bizarre How this shit went so far, we’re all fed these fallacies To form our realities, aliens are fantasies and there’s infinite galaxies,see the abnormalities, Government strategies, to cover up calamities And brainwash your families, to reject conspiracies Go wit Alice down the hole, and this life ain’t what your told Blue pill it’s disposed, take the red and it’s disclosed Just think beyond your thoughts, control your life with gods control your life with laws, say there’s nothing in the stars And there’s no life on Mars, but if you ever just pause (And Think) Verse 2 If realities a dream, are my dreams reality If life is just a test, then hows death a casualty Why is everything in life, controlled by a salary Our heart is just a battery, our brain is a hard drive Now you gotta decide, are we even alive Just think about things that they build today In a thousand more years, we could build a body If you create a robot, and god creates a man We might be more advanced, but our structure is the same Instead of wires we got veins, life isn’t as plain When you look behind the wall, and stop believing it all There’s sightings all year, and there’s nothing out there And when a person speaks up, they just disappear Maybe it’s conspiracy, maybe it’s not But the media controls, your every thought Just think outside the box, and stop doing what your taught Verse 3 America’s a prison, turning into communism And they tell you that it isn’t, and everybody just listen Instead using your wisdom, they blocking all of your vision We gotta make a decision, are you puppets on stage Are you muppets in a daze, or are we stuck in a maze That just replays the days, and when the media says We need a vaccine, we start poppin it like pez Nobody knows what it is, revelation warns of this But it is what it is, the devil forever lives Never ever forgives for the evil that he gives We’re a gullible creature, that believes what they teach ya A thousand different religions, and everyone is different But there all the same system, to control how your how your liven make all the right choices, and hope that your forgivin There’s more then meets eyes, you just gotta try When I look up to the skies, sometimes I realize


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4 days ago

government needs a government the laws need laws

21 days ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 9/10 Delivery: 8/10 Impression: 9/10

29 days ago

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