#BR33ZENT33 HOOK I wanna be like Breeze I wanna be like TeeTee I wanna get famous til all my people gonna see me rappin in tv And they be like “who dat girl?” And I be like “yeah that’s me” And they be like “that’s my baby” And I be like “yes indeed” VERSE 1 Yes indeed, yeah that’s me I keep it 100 you know how it be Shout to Breeze thank you for real You always supported me, always show love to me You never lied to me, I look up to you When I was blue, when I was in jail I heard your prayer when I was in hell My love is blind we speaking in braille U told me I can fail cuz after I win Thank you for giving up your nominee You let me win, now you widda gang Trappin and zydeco now we finna dance Yeah yeah I wanna grow, I wanna be great You taught me resilience and learn from mistakes You taught me to hussle, you taught to wait You taught me to singing away all my pain So now I sing like ladidadaladidada Okay okay I’m Breeze in this bitch That mean I’m winnin on bitches n shit Fuck all the money ion get wanna rich 1 million play congrats to you King HOOK VERSE 2 Yeah that’s me, yes indeed I keep it 100 u know how it is Shout to Tee, I thank you for real You made me feel like I’m the deal Always supported me when I was low When I was depressed a bih got no goal You made me focused on my persona You let me see my shine, supernova Hol up, Hol up Tee Tee a Queen, I gotta salute She told me lil sis just kno you the truth Fuck all these haters, focus on you These hoe gonna envy won’t ever be you If you gonna fall, we fallin wit you I know you petite but you gotta stand tall I know you a G you know how to ball Yah yah Okay okay When I needed help mayday mayday She alway been there all day day She made me stronger, Kanye Kanye Oh wait You think that I’m finished? Tee she the one - queen been a menace She a real gangsta fuck all the gimmicks I’m rappin and trappin I’m comin for Nicki yah I got my blicky yah They stay on my neck like hickey yah I’m an OG like Tee Tee yah Bitches my sons suck my titty yah They wanna copy mimick her But she the one, she the one Best female rapper you got it ma HOOK


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8 days ago

I'm as real as it gets 💯 👌

17 days ago

oh my God you are a blast

19 days ago

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