I Made It

I Made It


lyrics by j Koerner music by nico on the beat Once my pen hits the page it's a spec Leave you bloodier than a period cuz I don't playtex Impressive how quick dressed I get with weapons  Aimed at arm and neck I'm suggesting Restin for a bit  I'm the shit You not  Sorry You didn't get the message  I'm not It's meant to be  I'm a monsterous entity Finna to bust out like paychecks  I'm on top Poppin in Put the hip in the hop again Why I'm hear  I am confident  Bringing that  providence  To all of my audience All of it  Fly like up the charts like a rocket ship Body it  Lift me  like a ride I'm alive  Am I'm thriven  To kill it  God willing  I'm willing to do it and prove it so screw it I say Till a day that I lay and  I die  Coughs third verse huh  *Clears throat* I dip curves with some sick words  And a quick nerve  To reprint ergently Swift verbs  when I split terds  Represent hurds  Of the not heard  Murdering curse  Like the ring  Burst through the #firesyndicate


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9 days ago

damnir. whew

10 days ago

Biggest track ever bro @dimphojasonmoatswi

19 days ago

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