🔥”ONE FINAL CHALLENGE TRACK‼️”🔥 #ROADTOAMILLIONPLAYS #MRRIGHTNOWCHALLENGE #KINGOFCHALLENGES #TH3KING #HOODTHREAT #RAPFAMELEGEND #BATTLEMELEGEND #BOSSMOVES Verse: (BR33ZE) Creased up wit a piece up, I don’t turn it in when the lease up, Got a bad bitch wit a visa , when I’m inside she like ease up , I ain’t got a problem wit a page like , I don’t look behind me at a red light , throw the caution on wit the headlights, I ain’t left the head, if the head right. If I like shit, for the right shit , I don’t fight shit, I just break ship , When the fire start and you fucked up, imma burn it down wit a full clip , And I been a beast on a full run , on a high level and I fear none , when you act out wit a track out , issa fuck you and ya loved ones , Hit da beat wit emergency , pop a couple barz put the beat to sleep, When I leave the lab, imma stop the track , put the master on it , den I press delete Wit the legwork, in a red shirt , imma fuck the bitch , get da head first, Den I ring her up like the head clerk , give her tummy tuck til the head burst .. Got a mind full and the bread right , so her legs open for a long night , and da wallet closed to the ex wife , so I’m spending heavy on my next type , Imma app star, and i Rap hard , when I build the barz , I’m a track lord , bout to hit a million like piece a cake , when I’m on the gas I don’t take a break.. Beat dat pussy up like a phenomenal incredible, Pop a Percocet , and make her swallow like a edible Hit it from the back and make it super unforgettable I’m in dat Hot - 140 like a Felony to federal , Take her to my palace , treat lil baby like she royalty , I Spoil her , she can’t get enough ,nah I can’t take her off of me , My money in her pockets , she gon double flip , and bring it back, Dey know she whip a beater, so I let her whip dat Cadillac . Studio for the mind track , on the microphone wit the hella flames , Gotta be the best , to defeat the best , I don’t look around when I’m switching lanes , And i Role around in my hometown , been a long wayz to the right now , If you think you better wit the track list , do a verzus wit me let’s find out, Freezin up like a polar bear , put me on a verse and I kill and run it , I don’t vote for vote , I don’t beg for votes , like signing up for a Dick appointment I respect the app and I keep it honest , I put in the work and I kept the promise , And I payed the money to remain the hottest , hit the hotfeed wit 5 thousand dollars , like , Thankin God for the blessings and I’m glad I made the investments , In the hall of fame of the Rapfame and the battleme, young and the restless And I’m one of them runnin the checklist , ain’t no point of dem spinnin da records, Wit the realest I’m movin the checkers , I’m a hell of a threat and a weapon , Leavin on a journey I done did it all and left a bit , Pray the one dats takin over make it through the money pit, Take me a vacation wit a Japanese and Asian bitch , Don’t care for no relationship , I’m focused on a scholarship, I’m off to get a whip and get it painted at the dealership And I ain’t got no worries , put dat fear inside da double clips Diomondz on my wrist , don’t need a watch to see I’m winning , got 2 bitches on my side , a massage and den a happy ending ...


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I didn't try this but I should you killed it bro

3 days ago

This Shit fuckin crazyy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

2 months ago

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