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25 Jan 2021

"2" Saith and Saraya this one is 4 you. I never thought in this life that I would make it. Then out of nowhere God created a baby. Everything about you was fucking perfect. Never missed a hug from mom and dad as we started this journey. You grew up fast boy faster then you had 2 but never forget how much we fucking love you. You can be anything you want be sure not to waste it. Always show respect never let your mind get faded. Never disrespect a woman always bring her greatness. And most of all never forget to be thankful. I love you saith you saved my life more then once. You were the 1st smile my heart had when I heard that I'm pregnant. My final Message my love, Remember the good times that's all that fucking matters. Do away with hate get rid of all the fakers. Triumph your days and always count your blessings. I'm always with you this world can never separate us. Saraya the last angel after the one who never made it. You made your mom push to every limit. She pushed so hard her Body rejected. Only a special girl was made for that fight. But when you came out I knew Heaven finally made it. Every ounce was perfect, skin shined like stars reserved for the greatest. That smile on your face meant 2 lives were forever serenaded. Your soul so pure that smile from ear to ear What I wouldn't give 4 just one more hug. One more snuggle session with my cuddle bug. Don't ever let a man make u feel unappreciated. You're the most beautiful girl never feel any haters. Always love your momma let her show you the world. Remember your Daddy is with you for every curve. I love you Beaner call whenever you get lonely. If you listen hard enough you will always here me speaking. Last Chapter I want to thank you Chessie..... I was far from perfect U were far from perfect But together we made 2 lives perfect For that I will always love you Don't stop until you come to the end and when you get there keep going Saith and Saraya equally made my life perfect I love you so much


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miss you so much bro!!! Merry Christmas

my Brother Just passed away a year ago

1 year ago

ian you are greatly missed and loved .rip

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