I'M BACK & BRINGING AWARENESS TO THE UNDYING TRAUMA OF GHETTO AMERICA✊🏾! THEN I'M SWITCHING IT UP TO DROP SOME GEMS💎 TO THE GHETTO YOUTH W/ THE HOMIES @KILLERMAMI & THE LATE NIPSEY HUSSLE! GOTTA VIBE WITH THIS ONE ALL THE WAY THROUGH💯 #NEWVIGI #VIGIFLA #NAYME #VIGIXNAYME #VIGIGHETTOKID #NAYMEGHETTOKID #GHETTOKID #GHETTOAMERICA #BLM #BLACKLIVESMATTER #BLACKHISTORY #THESTRUGGLE #BLACKPOWER #BLACKINSPIRATION #RIPNIPSEYHUSSLE #RAPFAMETV #MODERATOR_EN #FEATURE #POTW #PLAYLISTED [ HOOK ] Ghetto ghetto ghetto kid you were born into nothing had to get it how you live ghetto ghetto ghetto kid they probably said you'd fail school and will probably serve a bid ghetto ghetto ghetto kid you seen cut throats all your life who in the world can you trust ghetto ghetto ghetto kid you a fool to believe they give a fuck about us [ VIGI ] Ghetto kid born in poverty and don't know nothing else mommas ebt was the closest thing to seeing wealth no jingle bells in December just police sirens findings of a young man left planking like a pirate from home to the bus stop you cross the hood gangs drug addicts running up on you for some loose change hear a trick taking back shots down an alley way and since you raised there they think you'd grow to do the same thang hear gun violence so often you remain calm moms going through anxiety so she smokes strong only good pops you ever seen was carl & uncle Phil he left and wouldn't even pay as much as a phone bill [ HOOK ] [ VIGI ] We live in 2 different America's unfortunately we aren't residing on the side that cherish us new school slavery like dogs how they handle us shoot us where we stand than leave our own kind to bury us our execution goes viral on social media no justice from the law or remorse from the ppl leading us BLM protest are meant with law enforcers but you can invade the capital if your a trump supporter guess when they say to protect and serve the didn't mean us if they ain't putting us in cuffs they laying us in the dust they assassinate our heroes then play us for our votes rob us of our culture, religion, self value and hope [ HOOK ] [ NAYME ] Can I get an amen? I saw mama cryin in the kitchen I saw mama cryin during Xmas I gotta take a break I ain’t leavin I gotta put my work in my dreamin But ima make it like ghetto kid I keep 100 I ain’t Gepetto kid Ima reap what I sow like a lemon tree Last year yeah it was a lot for me Can I get an amen from the congregation? I used to pray hard for my own salvation God used to tell me baby you gon make it Then I made it out the mud now I’m fuckin hated [ VIGI ] ghetto kid you dont have to be your circumstances this just a portion of a painting to a bigger canvas you never know how tough you really are until your damaged i see you soaring high the bottoms just where you landed ghetto kid the world's designed to discourage we live in a society that degrades and hurt us but we know our God and that we serve a bigger purpose so we leap over obstacles like Olympic hurdles fire refines gold and pressure makes diamonds they can throw dirt on a light but can't keep it from shining they can tuck at your ankles but they can't keep you from climbing they can postpone your success but everything has its timing ghetto kid [ MESSAGE FROM NIPSEY HUSSLE ]


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salute much respect pimpin

20 hours ago

i like vibes real shit

16 days ago

@casacatman I DEF had a lot of practice learning how to mix.

18 days ago

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