The Emcees Yeah Yeah It’s HotWheelz I’m Gon Prove Im Da Master Of My Flow With God Strength WithIn Every Song From My Wrongs It’s Helps Me Float My They Say Stay Strong Keep On Fighting Cuz We All In War Dis Is From Da Core That I’ve Explored To Restore What I Have Ignored N Im Choosing 2 Even Pour It Out 2 U Living My Life With Physical Pain Destroying My Mental With Mental Migraines Destroying Whole My Physical If I Told U Life My Story It’ll Leave U In Critical Condition Cuz Ur Not Conditioned 2 Do What I Do That’s Why God Gave Us Our Own Size 2 Fill Up Our Own Shoes N I Refuse 2 Choose 2 Lose 2 An Excuse Like U N This Amazing Beat Gave Me A Muse N HighSelf Just Lit Da Fuse N Letting All Of My Screws Get Loose Rewiring My Whole Damn Mind Making Sure I Got Full Control So I Can Use What’s Mine My Mind Body Spirit N Soul I Know Im On Roll 2 The Road 2 Achieving All Of My Goals It’s Time Move On N Keep Going No Matter How Much They Throwing Cmon We Gotta Dethrone Them N Show Them That I Am Chosen To Focus All Of My Energy Into Positivity Sorry For The Long Wait Making Myself Liability I’m Building An Army In My Body Embody NoOne Can Copy My Choppy Big Papi Flow Nigga I Been So Sloppy Y’all Can Never Top Me Im Inevitable Quality Over Quantity My Work Zone Stays InCredible Fuck With Me Or Syla I’ll Leave Ass Paralyzed Like A Vegetable Nigga Im Saying We Hungry In This World All We Do MF Eat Move Da E 2 End U Get Ate Number 8 Flip It SideWayz ♾ SYLA BBMB SHII YEAH Heard Flipping the word ate like the bird, My ETA to make it, Is Probably longer than yours, cause I would never fake it, You fit the mold, I break it, You run a risk I take it, You Talkin bread but only time you bakings wit a vape pen, Vacant pockets, You got ham but it’s fictional got them (Gotham) Weak ends like a Sunday So it’s only right for us to top’em, Nd it’s No Cap, Like a mountain, Snow cap, off the dome, or note pad, But Imma sum it up (summit up) I’ll getchu on the ropes, like double Dutch, Leaving a vegetable squashed like butter nut, Up in a bout, you get a round like a bout(round about), you clout with the chase, Nd chasing the clouds, looking for smoke, but like the shoes of a clown, I ain’t feelin’em (filling’em) Nope, Bitch you a joke, Nd a bad one to boot, like a steel toe, So you Better fork over the crown, Like an sd tagging windows. Ten toes to the pavement, Limp, Slow, with a pain, yet give it my all(mile) like a 5k, not for first place but to say that, I did it, Nd did it for me, You didn’t Nd did it for greed, I do it to be the pinnacle of me, the epitome of inner me not the enemy. Eat a beat till infinity, Nd put what I ate to the side, Police with a crime, busting a rhyme, till I’m up in a pine box, when I die, Nd roll the dice, cause you don’t live twice, but I’ll live through my music, Nd use it like a fucking poltergeist.


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DOPE! Bars: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 10/10

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Flavorrrrrrrr! Bars: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 10/10

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