🔥”Teach Em To Work In The Mental, And Kill It Front And Center”🔥🥳‼️ #POUNDCAK3CHALLENGE #DRAKEORIGINAL #GOODBYE2020 #HOODTHREAT #TH3KING #KINGOFCHALLENGES #BATTLEMELEGEND #RAPFAMELEGEND BR33ZE Verse: School money and Hood fundin on crash dummy, Leave the box to remove the toxic and run from it , Graduated to livin in what they dream for me , The government will be happy to keep you job huntin.. Momma said to be careful and stay away from trouble, I sign lauguaged I love her and pop the fuckin bubble, Cause what you not bout to do me is keep me in the huddle, I let the gossipers spend it while I resolve the puzzle. Rapfame is the muscle, my music bread and butter, Lyrics steamin and cookin , the verses in the oven , I break away from the dozen so I confuse the shuttle, And put myself on a jet and take off the fuckin Rubber . They say I’m not bout to smoke EM , I keep my weed blunted, They claimin they bout to kill me , I tellem leak sumthin, They say I won’t hit a million I’m 30 days from it , She say that she not a squirter I guess the sheets cummin..... I don’t listen to niggas who always been applauded , I condition wit artist who keep they vision guarded And put my heart into lyrics and place em on the market , Cause other niggas gone figure they shoulda been the starter, But dey ain’t got what it take to be patient wit the harvest , Dese niggas call me Houdini, I Madison the garden , Na, let me hop on my carpet, and re-reverse the pardon , Part 2 - Head up in the clouds I’m marchin up to heaven , Tell my son and my grandmother meet me at the checkin, Look away from the coffin , I pray they well rested All alone at the cemetery , it’s better guestless, Time waitin for no one , I studio the minutes , Flow the fya behind the Mike in a new dimension, Put the gas in the masters and push it when I’m finished , Rap incredibly settled but work towards the Guinness, Heavy rhythm, I get em , no lookin in the mirror , Don’t want the opposite of me to make me think I fear em , I keep a studio vision in case I cry a river Homeless sign at my table when eating steak for dinner . I’m talented but my factory settings on beginner , Keep my mindset on losing and stay a fuckin Sprinter , Cause when you not in the driver seat , you deliver quicker , I bet you missed it , and dats the reason I’m still a winner , Teach em to work in the mental , and kill it front and center , Level metal ya tennis and out the level in it , They hate me cause I’m a positive and I’m never duckin, They throw dey shots and I shoot em down wit a feature Fuck it Run this bitch to the end and stay on the track of many , Pick of weeks in my favor , I pray I’m counting plenty, Did a lot for the app and really dats complimentary, End this year wit a challenge , goodbye to 2020... @rapfametv @modera


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💯 you real af

7 days ago

dropping great muzik 🔥🙌💯

15 days ago

@barger 🔥🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

1 month ago

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