Dead Homies

Dead Homies


#barzallday #100bandzz #bzhomies lyrics ican't believe dead Even affer your funeral. Seening a casket thats Common but see u in felt unusual. Feeling that I never felt Pain that might now show. But you left here how am I suppose 2 explains this 2 ur daughter bro. ican't so I want So I guess I got 2 let it go. So growing up so fast bro she's beautiful. save a place in heaven 4 a g we got alot of catching up do Everyone changed except you i can see you when I look into her eyes. Thats the shit that make me want to cry. I break down inside ill swallow The truth before I swallow my pride. I still wish you wouldn't have died You wasn't on no gang shit playing basketball When they let them bullets fly. I was praying you survived But God had other plans. He came down and picked u up with his hands. you so high up now I. Guess you will never land. chorus I'm just talking 2 my dead homies x6


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