Weird One

Weird One


#r2 #TrendSetterZ #2020heat #hiphop #rapfame #dallas #texas #dfw #r2musik #r2WeirdOne r2 lyrics: -Don't be trusting these hoes can't fuk with these hoes These hoes is trouble dont be so gullible Been there done that wish I'd never done that Last female on earth id still never run back Strange in my contacts how I saved her Good pussy good head probably why i hate her But bitch ima player I can not be played Tried to break it off with her then she got a BIG blade Got me feelin bitch made cuz she phyco Put it on the Bible Said she needs professional help but what do I know Now she be stalking down the street walkin Said she sees me either with her or in a coffin Fuk is wrong with this bitch in her brain Broken up for months & she still call me boo thangs Clinicly insane but she ain't tryin to hear tho Thats my definition of a MF weirdo Lets take a trip down memory lane These bitches ain't mine they belong to the game She be laughing she be crying she be really insane I be drop dead serious ain't nobody playin If I hop on a plane she pop up on the plane If I decide to ride a train she deciding the same Can't decide on a name so ima call her weird She be callin this shit love ima call it fear If she look in a mirror she see a bad bitch savage If I take a look I see a fake bitch plastic Camera light flashes rollin with the masses Alota profanity & alot of fake asses Fake like the ashes of 69 cremated for being the biggest rat of all time Throw it down the sewer line Weird ones I define as a big waste of time so don't be wasting mine No vision fukin blind but you can hear tho If the shoe fits you a MF weirdo


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you are TRULY an awesome artist Bro this TRACK is one to remember ...💯💯💯🎯🎼🔥🔥🎼🎯💯💯💯

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@jinx.1255 just starting

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