#LoveSuxAndThenYouDie #LoveIsMyBiggestFear #FuckFallingInLove #RomanceIsScary #OneForTheBreakup #DumbCokeWhore #bmvideo #bmbest #bmgold #bmgrind #hiphop #rap #music #featuredmaterial #2020 #2020heat #heat2020 #rapfamebest #moderatorEN #featureking #freestyle #stayw0ke Tell me u love me now tell me the truth Cuz I know its bullshit and I'll tell u the proof Since day one I give and ask nothing in return U take and take and when will i ever learn I wish I hated u bitch but somehow ur on my mind As I sit back and write this every word every rhyme Chills up my spine when u call from time to time Just to string me along weave your web on your vine I wish I didn't have to write about u once a year But the fact is u turned love into my Biggest fear I'm afraid to be hurt or vulnerable in spite this I'm vulnerable right now and speaking of it as I write this Sick of shrinks offices where I sit in a lil red chair And then just think awfulness as I sit with a dead stare Side effect of all of my prescriptions of drugs But Maybe im not crazy I'm just a victim of love I almost wrote a hook there but u dont deserve one I'm a just keep spitting facts so settle in and burn one Here's a fun joke for u have 1 toke more Ur as a stupid as a rock u dumb coke whore I gave u everything I'm made of and want more Well I'm sorry my will has washed away like the shore In the ocean of life I was calm before your storm Tsunami tidal waves like dropped bombs at my door U have no passion about me or your life its disgusting And u made my passion for my passions dwindle into nothing Wish I didnt have to write about u once a year But the fact is u turned love to my biggest fear Tell me u loved me and I'll tell u the truth I know ur bullshit I just provide the proof..


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o man this is vibe, and and beat so unique. blessings. whew ha chew 🤧💨

21 days ago

stupid as a rock you dumb coke hor

22 days ago

This is relatable yo !!

2 months ago

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