🔶Scars ft NAYME

🔶Scars ft NAYME


A SAMPLE FROM MY EP FT NAYME ALBUM: LOXK N KEY 🔐🤞 Gonna soon be on all major platforms 02/17/2021 Appreciate all the ears, feedbaxk and support🙌💯❤️ Hook: NAYME YOU BACK STABBED ME WHEN I NEED YOU DA MOST IM NOT HAPPY IVE BEEN WASTING TIME LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TRUST SOMEONE TO LOVE I JUST GOT NEW SCARS IVE BEEN LOSING “HOPE” 1st Verse: QLTEE How could you do this Make me understand When I needed you You stabbed me in da baxk And what hurts the most Is you were all that I had Head over heals in love shhhii I really had it bad Contemplating my thoughts I lie awake in da dark Smoke a blunt to da head Hoping to calm my heart Tears rolling down my face God knows I’m praying hard I wish I could turn back hands To end da part where we start I just wanted to love you And be your everything But u treated me secondary And lashed out consistently Til you left my heart bleeding And now I feel so obsolete I cant even sleep Got wool in my eyes From counting sheep I’m too sad to be mad There’s no words left to speak I’m more hopeless than a penny’s worth Being thrown in a creek Now I stand before you In tears on bended knees My heartbeats on freeze And I can’t fight cause I’m weak 2nd VERSE: QLTEE I got some issues Cause I have sum scars Dat have scars That’s woven together Cant tell them apart The exteriors hard From hurt dat left marks I wanna trust my heart But idk where to start When I start in da light And always end up in da dark We were full throttle Emergency brake (break) I had to put us in park You thought we were good We were just falling apart You knocked da walls Just to add to da scars And I can’t forgive myself For letting it get this far I’ve always been there for you Now I’m wondering where u are You turning up at da bars While I’m at da crib healing scars Scars that BRANDED me From catching a mf falling star Shhhhiiit #QLTEE #QLT410 #QLT #LOXKNKEYALBUM #LADYTEE #THEQUEEN #QUEENTEE #TH3QUEEN #KAVAII #SHARKTANK #SHARKTANKENT #SCARS410 #SCARS74 #SCARS274 #SCARS974 #HEARBEATFR33ZE #WASTINGTIME #LOSINGHOPE #S3ARCHING #QLTEE #QLT410 #QLT #LOXKNKEYALBUM #LADYTEE #THEQUEEN #QUEENTEE #TH3QUEEN #KAVAII #SHARKTANK #SHARKTANKENT #SCARS410 #SCARS74 #SCARS274 #SCARS974 #HEARBEATFR33ZE #WASTINGTIME #LOSINGHOPE #S3ARCHING


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