#BulletProofMonk #SecretScrolls1

#BulletProofMonk #SecretScrolls1


#BulletProofMonk #SecretScrolls1 @ImmortalsTrack Featuring @TyrellGibson Mix, Master & Cover Art By Ty'Wu @Moderator_en Appreciate the platform. In the Cruelest of Funks' Chumps get Stomped' That Jump' to Confront' The Bulletproof Monk' With the Medallion of Tibet' I Correct' Threats' to Vets' Met along my Trek' to Kemet' To fulfill the Prophecy' Made a Mockery' In Days of Debauchery' Watch Me' Logically' Reveal Philosophically' The Scrolls' of Mephistopheles' As Told to Socrates' Later' Sold for Property' In the Mold of Monopoly' Being Master of Encryptions' Is Assisting' my Petition' To Capture Conviction' Through the Friction' Of Fractured' Missions' Drifting to Addiction' With Faster Prescriptions' I study in a Temple' With Ancient Symbols' Reflecting Sacred Principles' Of the Invincible' Seeking to Find a Predecessor' As Divine Protector' Shine like a Reflector' Wth the Minds Nectar' Defined as Treasure' Designed to Pester' The Blind' that Fester' With Unkind Jesters' That Mime Gestures' Of my Divine Lectures' Awakening an Aching' Reshaping the Rating' Of Hating' that's Baiting' An Instigating' the Forsaken' To Chase Possessions' In the Face of Depression' So' the Immortal Saints' Give Thanks' No Pranks' As we Tank' the Banks' That Fund' Scums Run' For Funds' with Guns' Brung from the Slums' By Way' of the Highway' Through the Tri-State' Sideways' 5 Days' from Friday' Training Hard' on the Yard' Of the Gaurd' Gaining Scars' Hanging with Czars' That Jam' with this Sega Fan' Built like Mega Man' My listeners are so Fond of Me' Cause I choose Quality' Over Quantity' No Gadgets' Or Audio Acrobatics' Stowed by Those that lack It' That lyrical Acid' So' they Resort to Tactics' To Hack It' on the Bracket' In the Song Racket' ________________ As I Ascend the Tower' of Power' I Transcend' Cowards' To Devour' the Trend of the Hour' Empowered' to Shine' Giving Vision to the Blind' By Wisdom' gained from the Grind' That Trains the Mind' Chained to Divine' Designs' To Refine' the Stains of Crime' That Rains' Pain as a Sign' Of Change' to Sublime' In the Game of Time' I Conquer' with Mantras' That Conjure' an Ancient Hunger' Of the Nomads Glad to Wonder' The Land of Lumber'& Runners' In Summer' fresh from Slumber' Bless Gunners' with the Best Gunja' To Test' Stunners' that Rest Under' A Nest of Blunder' As a Guest' In Conquest to Plunder' The Copper Chain' than Hangs' From From Dr Strange' Learning with Swift Pace' To Bend Space' With the Gift' of Grace' From Scrambling with Misfits' To Channeling Mystics' With Linguistics' When I'm Livid' it's Crickets' Getting Vivid' Dismantling Critics' That Risk It' To Grow' Eventhough' they Know' That the Flow is Acidic' To the Wicked' Bro' ________________ My Flow' Exhibits Soul' With Goals' on Swole' That Show' I Pivot Trolls' With Scrolls that Glow' Infused with the Gold' That the Immortals' Hold' On a Stroll' in the bitter Cold' Where Quitters Corrode' In the Fold' of Rude Bro's' I Bruise Foes' with Crude Blows' In Preparation' for Devastation' To your Federation' With No Hesitation' To Show Dedication' ________________ Enemies' Give Chase' Hid from Grace' & Honor' Laundered' For Fonder' times Pondered' In this Expedition' of Repetition' My Legacy Gains Root' To Sustain Truth' Battling the Evil' That's Hassling People' Who are Feeble' Yet Regal' In a Better Steeple' Filled with Clever Sequels' & Endeavors' Unequaled' This is Another Instruction' To Uncover Corruption' In a Lovers Eruption' From Anothers Seduction' All' while Battling Nazi's' That Watch Me' To Bargain Cocky' For my Carbon Copy' As the Apostle' Amerging' I'm here to Throttle' Vermin' With my Sermons' Converging on Static' like Traffic' With Gadgets' for Silly Rabbits' It's Automatic Caskets' To Rest' in a Nest of Maggots' For Savage Habits' In this Slight Fray' for Pay' My Mic Sprays' To Say' You'll never see the Light of Day'


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Nice barz bro. Agree I can definitely see A strong Wu Tang influence here.

5 months ago

Fit in good with WU-TANG!!

6 months ago

@williamh20 @sinning @CES1 @IGoByAK @Youngest_Best @NinoSnow @JrMurkz @4leaf.ru @thakidtory What say you? #HollowsEve7

7 months ago

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