OldsoulPersona 777
OldsoulPersona 777

Neon Alpha feedbacks 0mega yin&yang enshrined cosmic Enterprise mind disk

Neon Alpha feedbacks 0mega yin&yang enshrined cosmic Enterprise mind disk

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14 Oct 2020

#rapfame #rapFame #RAPFAMETV #NEwERASuperstars #oldsoul #freestyle neon alpha feedback's Omega prime yin and yang enshrined cosmic mind disk- wish I could go back to a time when I didn't have this brain injury every single time I look at this tragedy of the melody that is melancholy with my life I don't see through the infinity talking to raw when I see the eye in the blade saw thoughts continuously nah at my sanity longevity is the principality of this insanity that you insinuate whenever I see the phantom disintegrate and incineration the rate to incinerate mindfulness taoism living in the moment breathing with my tongue on the roof of my mouth breathing into my nose with the cave getting rid of negative energy decapitated limbs murder hornets taken off the bee stings from within prepare for the global reset government planned depression when you feel that we are in recession don't see the resignments of what they're going on this is diligence of artificial intelligence smiling with Mona Lisa skydiving with mother Teresa tell the truth about what's going on with the portal surrender c e r n I see into a different navigation of this destination it's like a brand new dimension hope you're ready to start listening to robots more off done before they be often like in iRobot or I am legend or maybe you're just a clone Gemini syndrome either way we got to get out of this live in the moment for that is truly Bliss I see happiness inside of you if only you could accept the other you Shadow self yet I see too many of them with sleep paralysis I really hope I get the proper diagnosis I seem to be talking to myself yet I don't know if I have tourette's I hear voices yet they tell me I don't have schizophrenia or maybe it's just my mind reoccurring all the times I've been dramatized with the wave that they have prophesized I see like my demons have been exercised making them grow extra size when I eat my French fries and the salt gives me anxiety when it gives the water life as if I've been baptized for your current every single day of my life reoccurring before the wave triples over as it's been sanitized no more germs water bears parasites still alive till we reach the other side mudflood information hidden underground of The Land before Time deep within you see as it's been magnetized oh man I just want to feel alive aman until we all realize we're already in Paradise when we got the loved ones on her side paradigm feeling like my mind's been fried one too many chemicals changing up the dopamine serotonin in my mind


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