#WhatsAGoat2AGod #G2AG

#WhatsAGoat2AGod #G2AG


#WhatsAGoat2AGod #G2AG @ImmortalsTrack Featuring @TyrellGibson Mix, Master & Cover Art By Ty'Wu You tell me the difference??? I'm not One to Boast' Funds I Gross' But' I do the Most' To Flog & Roast' Hogs' On Post' at my Job' As a Ghost to Slobs' Provoking Odd' Folks to Sob' Asking' Blokes with a Nod' What's a Goat to a God' _____________________ On the Path to Greatness' You Pass the Latest' Of Fakeness' As Class Deflated' & Fated' To be Infiltrated' Then, Smashed & Berated' In the Blast Radius' Of Trash Hated' From a Cast that Deviated' & Crashed' Inebriated' Under Appreciated' By the Horde' For' Sure' With this Craft Adored' I Crash through Doors' Blasting' Chords' As Slashing' Swords' Or Meteors' In Descension' To Any Contention' Mentioned' With Plenty Intentions' Get Left Sensing' Stress & Tension' With Clear Distinction' From Peers Inking' I Appear Winking' Aware of Careers Stinking' To Engineer Their Extinction' As Fools' getting Schooled' Under my Rule' I Burnt the Cruel' Hostile Bulls' Turnt to Fossil Fuel' As Mister Mission Impossible' With an Intuition that's Logical' For Obstacles' In this Maze' of Luck' False Praise' Corrupts' As My Brains Waves' Cut' Through the Shade of Cucks' Where Eggheads are Stuck' & Fried for Luck' To Die in the Muck' A good Sunnyside Up' Off the Record' I'm Feeling the Pressure' From my Sector' To Measure' my Lectures' As Treasures' Registered Off the Rector' Scale of Stimulation' In Simulation' Bringing a Storm' of Creation' That Borns Intimidation' For the Insecure' Who Implore' we Indure' This War' As I Guide' my Tribe' To Abide' By' The code of Samurai' Causing Troll Clans Demise' With a Plan to Rise' As Shogun' to you Trojans' Spies' Spreading Lies' & Pain' That Hide the Shame' ____________________ Far too Often' My ego gets the Best Of Me' Cake with all the Frosting' & I've got the Recipe' Until I'm in a Coften' Looking all Majestically' I'm a be Saucing' It's Ball til the Death Of Me' No matter what it's Costing' Or how it keeps Testing Me' It's Caution for the Treachery' While Flossing Selectively' I started as a Peasant' Others unaware of my Presence' Until I picked up my Lessons' & was showered in Blessings' Then I Grew to be Dope' Through all the Smoke' As Protector of my Folk' I was a Sheppard of Goats' & through the Fog of Hordes' Became The God Of War' Using the Tactics' Of Asiatics' & Supreme Mathematics' To Create this Magic'


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