Random Thoughts ft r2 & JakeNBake

Random Thoughts ft r2 & JakeNBake


BeeTree - Random Thoughts Hook & 1st Verse - @beetree 2nd Verse @r2musik & @jakenbake #TrendSetterZ #BeeTree #r2musik #jakenbake #RandomThoughts #IllerThanEver @moderator_en ———————— Hook @beetree —- I’m iller than ever , I kill it whenever , Won’t fall under pressure, to sick an to clever , I ball so hard , dont matter the weather I rap , I rhyme, I grind , I shine My mind is crazy , stop calling me shady , From Cali to hatii I’m fucking these ladies Katie or Stacy or a bitch with some pasties , pussy stays calling , an I’m answering lately , ——————— Verse 1 @beetree - I’m Out of my mind , I’ll be back in a minute , I really be ballin , this only the scrimmage , I no I’m the sickest , I handle my buisness , I Kill with the quickness , just made u witness , King of my castle , I built up my kingdom I’m Sick like corona , ain’t showing the symptoms, These Rappers be capping , someone needa smack em Think they got fans , but nobody clapping I Stay on the block , you’d think I was trappin , talking my shit I get way out of pocket , I’m High as a kite , I’m cooler than awesome, A couple of my homies turned out to be phoney Like pizza dawg with no pepperoni Im BeeTree the only , stop playing you know me Stay fucking bad bitches this time it’s Naomi She mad and upset , I don’t answer her text , busy little momma still fuckin my ex hit u up later tho u can be next My talent expressed , I’m simply the best An A on the test , Im ready get set Never will stop so you should invest Fuck all the details just write me a check BeeTree the name and I am up next ——————— Verse 2 @r2musik & @jakenbake I'm loading ammo my target random s/o to Bee Tree salute the captain finger snapping when I hit the beat eyes bloody red when I hit the sweet r2 yea I been the one before careful what u reppin son I'm like a lethal weapon huh I point and shoot they start to run this is fun, fun for me TrendSetterZ we can't be beat a pack of wolves and you the sheep big appetite I'm finna eat pull up in the Jeep deep how we roll bout to get it lit with a Cali pre roll Texas boy kick in yo door s/o Jake n Bake out in Buffalo ——————— Jake freestyle 💯 @jakenbake ——————— Just a random track , none of these lyrics are directed at anyone . #TrendSetterZ


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3 months ago

banging love the pace

4 months ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 10/10

5 months ago

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