UGH - Shotta Flow 5

UGH - Shotta Flow 5


Nle Choppa flow challenge Had to talk my cocky shit one last time 🤫 enjoy da heat 😏 🔥 and fuck da haters 😘 Mixed by : @c.poe I stay on my grind can’t fw the fake These haters they mad who can relate Shakin this ass Like Ice on a cake I’m fuckin ya nigga I’m takin ya place Get out the way these bitches get ate U hoes r my fish I’m catching a bait riding this beat riding the wave Slither my way In call me a snake Ooooo Didn’t mean to sound so cocky Just know my haters can’t stop me Mad cuz a bitch get money Ooo my wrist so ICEY Keep on watching cuz I’m popping like this pussy poppin If u listening U know I got yo head bopping Mad cuz y’all know a bitch gone kill On my mama u know I’m real Make him eat me out that’s his meal Y’all do all that cappin Like What is the deal ? U niggaz on 10 Stop poppin the pills Swerving the lane I’m takin da wheel flow so sick like damn im too Ill This ass too big Who wanna feel Nle got me lit Got me takin risk Got me hype like daddy u know that’s my shit all this love got me flexing I’m da glam Double tap like me I’m posing for da gram Ughhh Don’t come swerve in my lane like Ughhhh U know that I get nasty like Ughhh Fuck keepin at classy Ughh y’all know y’all can get at me ugh I cannot hang with the trashy Ugh Fuck y’all feelings y’all ashy Ugh Y’all mad that i am a baddie No y’all niggaz can’t have me A lot of y’all like to speak on my name giving me clout U bitches insane Running ya mouth Think it’s a game I run in yo shit And I pop out yo brain got y’all mad poppin ya veins Lighting y’all asses Y’all catchin the flames Knock out ya teeth U feelin my pain Don’t get me started Cuz I like to aim Why y’all gotta get b so salty Ugh Why u gotta get in yo feelings ughhh Fuck yo ugly cry like ughhh I don’t wanna hear this Shit like ughh Tell someone who cares like ugh bitch idgaf like ugh Who gone pop me like ughh grown ass mfs like ugh All this gossip shit on me bitch I piss all in y’all tea Spell my name IBarbie e I’m am cold as ICE Till the fuckin D -I -E Never have to LIE Don’t need no apology Meet me in these streets Y’all don’t want smoke with me Bitch I air y’all blunts Shit up on my mind I can talk for months I don’t cry a river I just let it pass Cuz most of y’all talk shit but Where’s the gas ? #stayw0ke #stayw0kefamily #baddbarbie #cockyshitB #cockyfloww2 #NLECHOPPAremix #stayonmygrind #catchingabait #fuckdahaters #poppinpussy #poppinpills #doubletaplikeme #fuckkeepinitclassy #baddieB #popoutyabrain #fuckyouglycry #UGH #coldasice #wheresdagas #fuckthefake #shakingthisass #ridingthisbeat #ridinthiswave #gotyoheadboppin #flowsosick #writsicey #eatmeout #takinthewheel #gotmehype #catchingflames #bitchidgaf #whocanrelate #haterscantstopme #youknowimreal #takinrisk #allthislove #shottaflow5 #lastdrop #femalerapper #femalekilla #thequeen #airyallblunts #dontcryariver #ughhh


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ayyyy @iamdestiny fire sis❤

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