Look Awake [Stay w0ke Diss]
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27 Sep 2020

#HTLookAwake [Stay W0ke Diss] ❌#HOODTHREAT❌#HTShotsFired❌ #HTBody #FuckADissTrack #FuckStayW0ke #FuckACatfish #DaveCollinsIsFat #LookAliveRemix #LookAwake #AintW0ke #Hoodthreat #TopTier #CoversBySaint #Saintjames502 #Bmvideo #BMBEST #FeatureIt #BMHeat #BMAllStar #BMGrind #HipHop #Rap #BattleMe #Hot #BMFeature #Heat #New #Fire #BMGold #Bars #Music #FeaturedMaterial #RapFame #RapFameGrind #Heat #2k20 #2020 #Banger #Trap #Fire #New #StayW0ke (Lyrics)   I see yall taking them shots, it's cool cuz none of them threaten me/   Shit it's just basically props, if you ain't staging them carefully/    my name getting hot, but none of you flamers will step to me/    I brought some things for the shrine, cuz now all yall are dead to me/    You say that yall ain't sleep then why yall laying in bed for/   Stay woke, gonna Z like they drink out a rigged coke/    Egg yolks, I'm whipping these kids to a fresh pulp/ Got exo, skeleton stuck on snail mode/ Shell toes, you're whole style is metro/ You just sending me love right, exo xoxo/ Why tf this faggot always hugging thru text notes/    Want no hugs and kisses from you sons of bitches/    Got snubs and smithens, and a bunch of disses/ Exos suited like clubbing strippers/ I gota exosuit in the jump Olympics/ Ain't nobody doing it like I done been doing it/    Wonder why they losing and want to die over stupid shit/    Wouldnt have to be this rude if everybody would cool it/   An send battle when they do instead of drop it as music/      The way im Eating on this track i feel like im dave at a steakhouse/    Swear I be riding long as winnebago An greyhounds/    Leaving with a bags just like I'm picking up takeout/    when Ali goes swimming she displaces the lake out/   Boy you got shot in the face, all cuz you dropping my name/   The way tht I'm smashing on X-O, it's like I just hopped the game/   I'm smashing buttons, just some random punches/   An Busting caps, like brass percussion/ His munchkin ass in magic dungeons/   trying to Play with dolls/DAWs but lacks the plug ins/ Smash his pumpkin, skull bash and blugended/ Never will I ever Pull back my punches/ Dave throws back whole bags of muffin/ Ali broke the spoke about her husband/ Kill Them For The 3rd Time Send Them On A Hurst Ride/    Shoot Them From Above Like Filming From A Birds Eye/   Can Polish Up Shit But Still Cant Make A Turd Shine/    Already Been Bagged, Bout To Take Them To The Curb Side/   Ay, Boy Yall Not Fucking With Us At This Battle Or Track Shit So Just Give It A Rest/   Yuh Plus You Cant Act Like Your Street, When Most Of Your Life has Been Spent At A Desk/      Instrumental Throat Rape, Pen An Pencil Cold Case/   Stepping Outside Like We Fina Get A Smoke Break/ Come An Put a Pistol To Your Dome Bang/ If This Cal See Em, Itll Make They Bones Break/      Chilling With Ya Hoe Skank Throat On My Cock/    Like A Phone In The Wind, How I Blow Otter(Out Her) Box/  I know thaat your grieving and going thru a lot/ But Yall Need To Admit That Its Over You Lost/ Hear them talking this, hear them talking that/    They just want attention, till the spot light flash/   yeah they dropped a diss, and the song was trash/    Now their mouths got zipped like a body bag/ Like drinking Liquor out a coffee glass/   Get your mugshot, the steel hot and black/ Like a bus stop, your bench all is trash/   You don't want problems, you ain't solving math/   Yo Its Like Theyre Pooping in a dream Cuz Thier shit is really fictional/   If You're The Rap God, Your Religion Is Mythical/   Bout To Get A Big Body Out Of Two Spitters That Are Minuscule/      look I'm The Most Synical Wigger When I Am Spitting These Syllables Ay/   Yall Just Ask The Question, But I'm Building The Syllabus    Ima Hit Them The Venom Till They Kneel An The Ceiling Spins/   Cuz Got To Stay On Your Heels When Your Dealing With Villains Bitch/    I'm Sick OF These Rappers Thats Talking That Shit/    When They Dropping A Diss, That is Softer Then Lint/    Yall Getting Smoked An then Stomped Like A Cig/    Like The Feminist Movement Yall Nothing But Bitch/    They Wanted Round 2, Till We Come An They Dip/    So That's Why This Songs Going Up As A Diss/ if yall Would have been a little humble you'd lived.. Yeah You A Bitch An A Motherfucking Hoe/   Dont Want To Knuckle Up With Me, Cuz Theyll Crumble Up An Fold/   Watch Them Buckle At The Knee Like The Leg On Stone Cold/   Play I'm Coming In Stabbing An Cutting Then Slashing, Bloody Up The Throne/    When my squad On A Track You Know That We Digging Graves/   An We Coming For They Heads, Just Like It Was Picture Day/   Lift The Tre Click An Bang The Trigger And Let It Spray/    Get Wet Up from the side, like rain on a windy day/ Fuck these bitches thats fake, the snitches and snakes/ Talk when your gone but then switch in your face/   They steal the baton to trip up the race/ Then build a facade, its just a display/   These fake bitches dont hang with us/ No games shit my whole gangs hitters   They talking alot but aint spitting/ Never seen a hit they some place kickers/


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