Heartless Challenge🖤💔- BR33ZE

Heartless Challenge🖤💔- BR33ZE


“YOU HAVE TO STEP OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT TO BE SUCCESSFUL.”💯 Original Song By : DIPLO #KINGOFCHALLENGES #TH3KING #HOODTHREAT #H3ARTL3SS #HEARTLESSCHALLENGE #BROK3N BR33ZE VERSE- Tears on my face but a need for the space , Hate it when I’m real so the fake get replaced , Runnin round the X ,and you still outta shape, Put the truth in ya face and you still call it bait , Gave it what I had but it never was enough , Give you more time but you didn’t give a fuck , Couldnt see the truth cause you don’t know how to trust , Steady lookin for the negative and running outta luck . Time with my kids I don’t get alot lately Head to the money gotta hustle dat daily All up in my ear wit some stupid shit crazy , You rather get attention from the same niggas hatin Wanna be a bad bitch , show me what you bout , I’m already at the top nigga, I don’t need the clout , Tryna put me out my lane better take a different route, All the money dat you missin, better open up ya mouth. Workin on my future but you rather see the past, Sparkin up hell when you coulda had a blast , Better hit the brakes , cause you heavy on the gass, And I’m heavy on the cash , have you missin in a flash . Lookin in the mirror , I don’t know who im becoming .. Thought You was progressin everyday but You was stuntin, Got my fist up to ya face like imma hit you wit the punches Seen a preview of the future , I don’t recognize the woman , Call my babymomma like , I need a couple minutes , Yea we havin problems but You lost in the beginnin, Keep the problems out the way, don’t wanna push it to the limit , I don’t like obituaries, drop the phone and let her finish , Hard to be a man when you dealin wit ya focus, You ain’t fixin shit if you attempt to fix the broken Women treat you like the nigga they resent and keep it open , Got a question for the bitch who really broke me? Diplo Chorus But why you gotta be so heartless? I know you think it's harmless You're tearing me apart and Girl, the hardest part is You're so high on attention You're taking miles from inches Leave me in the darkness Never finish what we started Girl, why you gotta be so heartless? Why you gotta be so heartless?


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nice remix. superior

28 days ago

seriously I've been missing out... 👊😮dam this hit home

4 months ago

hey need my first colab

5 months ago

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