Chopaveli Intro

Chopaveli Intro


#ChopaveliIntro Prod Netuh x Yung Vxnom ❌Chopaveli Out Now On All Platforms❌ #HTIntro #CH0P@V3L11NTR0 #Chopaveli #Hoodthreat #TopTier #CoversBySaint #Saintjames502 #Bmvideo #BMBEST #FeatureIt #BMHeat #BMAllStar #BMGrind #HipHop #Rap #BattleMe #Hot #BMFeature #Heat #New #Fire #BMGold #Bars #Music #FeaturedMaterial #RapFame #RapFameGrind #Heat #2k20 #2020 #Banger #Trap #Fire #New //Cover Art #Coversbysaint //Mixed @Whitewidowhaze //Master   Slicing Thru The Beef, Yuh But Im Not A Deli/   Ay Yeah Yall Rapping Fast, But Yall Aint Chopping Really/   I Got Machine Guns, Would Think Rock With Kelly/   Im In The Cut With Two Packs Call Me Chopaveli/   Chopaveli I Be On My Thug Shit, Talking That Smack An Get Boxed Like A Bums Crib/   Came From The Bottom Where The Angels Get Dusted/ The Prey Drug And Ate In A Drug Den/   Staying By Single I Dont Mingle With The Fakes/   I Bet The All Freeze Up When The Heat Up In They Face/   There Aint No Way To Keep Up When I Speed Up With The Pace/   Cuz This Shit Is Like A Cheetah Verses Beatle In A Race/ Live In The Age Of The Homo Rappers/   Just A Bunch Of Hybrids, An No More Gassing/   I See Thru The Raps Like A Hoho Package/ Get Killed When I Spit, Komodo Dragon/   I Run In The Building, Come In Like Its My Own House/   Evicting The Tenants An All The Shit Gets Thrown Out/   A God When Im Rapping No Marshal Or Mathers/   Wont Stop Whipping Ass Till I Get The Gold Crown/   Like Package Of Cinemax, Yall Gonna Get This Action/   Better Fasten Your Little Ass In, Before You End Up Crashing/   Go BatShit Like Count Dracula When Hes Crapping/ If Trap Is Pathogen Relax Im Vaxing It/     Toe Tog Instrumental, Smoked Out In A Limo, Hoe Crack Down A Window/   Ay Off Of The Chain An Broke Out Of The Kennel/   Follow The Drill Or Get Tapped Like A Drimmle/   You Not Gonna Catch Me Just Drop Out The Race/   Your Odds Looking Sketchy Like Drawing A Face/    I Cover The Peep Hole Then Knock At Your Place/ Look Like Im Emo, I Rock With A Gauge/   Get Cash Like A Bowl Thats Ashed Out And Smoked/ No Cap Like A Coke, In A Glass Like A Float/   These Fuckers Keep Talking Smack And Get Cracked Like A Joke/   I Said Im Killing The Beat, Chewing It Up Like A Pill That I Eat/ Filleting Apart Everything On The Chart/   Cuz I Flame With The Bars Like Im Grilling Some Meat/ Wont Quit Till Its Charred/    I Live In The Dark, No Christmas Cards, A Wish On A Star, Don't Get Very Far/   Man You'll be Food For Fishes For Trying Swim The Sharks/ I Snap Like A Brittle Bone/    Laugh At These Silly Jokes, Act Like Their Really Dope/    Smashed By A Billy Goat/ Hash Tag Godzilla Flow/   Get A Round To Your Head Catch A Fade Thats A Chili Bowl/ Im Sick As Corona With The Flow/   Yeah Just Like A Lung Infection I Spit Gross/   Thinking That You Running Shit And Get Stomped/   I Roll Up Like Blunt Of Piff And Then Smoked In The Bitch Like Ay/   Better Start Backing Away, You Act Like Code An Get Cracked Like Safe/   You Nothing To A Beast Just A Snack On A Plate/   Put A Stick To You Head Like Im Catching A Snake/   I Feel Like Im Dead, Could Murder With Ink Or Kill With The Lead/  I Stir Up A My Drink And Bang On My Chest/          Then Put Them To Sleep, Would Think I Trained As A Vet/ Ripp Of The Hinge/   Get Walked Like A Pit, Then Stomped Like A Cig/   Get Caught In The Midst, For Talking That Shit/   Get Chopped Up To Bits Then Tossed To Fish Off The Bridge Highway/   A Beast When I Channel My Energy, Got So Much Thats Chained In My Soul/   A Hunger For Eating On Trap Beats, An Im Bout To Feast Out Forsure/


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Boss skills Salute 💪😎👊💯

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