🇨‌🇦‌🇵‌ 🇬‌🇺‌🇳 ‌Powder Diss ft Yadatme & Uranium

🇨‌🇦‌🇵‌ 🇬‌🇺‌🇳 ‌Powder Diss ft Yadatme & Uranium


🇬‌🇺‌🇳‌🇵‌🇴‌🇼‌🇩‌🇪‌🇷‌ 🇩‌🇮‌🇸‌🇸💥🔫 ‌featuring YADATME & URANIUM... thanx 4 listening💯 #CapGun #NeverGoesOff #GunPowderDiss #BlastPowder #GunPowderDissTrack #CantGetFeaturedSolo #BreakingDownGunPowder #CapGunPowder #NerfGun #OfficialGunPowderDiss #bmbest #bmvideo # SYLA #BattleMeApp #2K20 #2020Fire #2020Heat #2020 #BMgrind #FeaturedMaterial #Rap #Bars #BmHipHop # RapFame #BattleMe #FuckGunPowder #RipGunPowder (barger verse 1) Fuck a battle but I'll give Gunpowder a- round line him up like some Coke now it's time to break you down Sulphur charcoal potassium nitrate, all those gun bars you bring they ain't gonna fly mate, how Gunpowder got heavy bars the shit you pack is light weight, this bitch don't know what I got in store for him it ain't no blind date, my mind frame I'm all in ya mental .. That's a migraine, talk Shit and back peddle retarded kid In a bike race Typing 24/7 all day in public chat you just a turd emoji C'mon you typing crap Get the fuck outta here yo boy ya Styles trash What the fuck is gunpowder? to a nuclear blast He yelling out all day check my "photos photos" Tagging men in the chat like a "homo homo" Can't get a featured track by himself " solo solo " It's alright I'm help you with this "promo promo" Apply heat to Gunpowder when I spark the iron I'll blast powder in the ground Like I started mining Can't believe anything he sez cos he always lying And when he loses a battle he always crying Let the hammer go on Powder and watch him get flattened He fake as fuck and plastic .. he a fucking Capgun Without oxygen Gunpowder can't combust He just can food why? cos he never goes off !!! (Yadatme verse 2) @YaDatMe23 We Give A Fuck About Your Record Lil Bitch This Ain't Car Fax Your Shading Is Like Uncooked Meat Yo, It's Raw Facts Every Day Regurgitating Bout Your Plays And Your Chart Stats Take Away Your Promo Playing Card And You'd Get Outbarred Fast But I Spit Fire You About To Die From Heat Stroke Are You For Real Man? You Comical With That Weak Flow You A Clown Laughing Every Day You A Big Joke Are You Constipated Boy? Cuz You Ain't Shit You're Just Big Broke Sweeter Than A Sugar Pill Call It A Placebo Got A Ego Tho He A Part Of No Cap We Will Deepthroat I Heard How You Write And Maybe You Should Just Free Flow I Guarantee He's Sniffing C-Low On The D-Low Yeah You Think You're Fly Til I Smack You Like A Mosquito Pack Ya Head All Full Of Lead Then Wrap You Up Like A Burrito There Ain't Nothing Hard About You But I Work Steel Like Magneto Knock You Out The BM Park Like You DeBo And I'm Bambino Always Full Of Shit Somebody Call This Man A Plumber Talking Shit To Nicks Chick Cuz She Wouldn't Give You Her Number Phone Full Of Tit Pics, All He Can Get Man That's A Bummer If He Aint Gay Then Why He Stay Handing Out The Hummers Like Yo You Need To Stop That Boy, Your Bars Is Not That Swing On Me And Catch A Left Hook Like A Bra Strap Call A Bunch Of Groupies Stay Sitting On Your Ball Sack Bunch Of Bitches Steady Wishing They Made Tracks That Weren't All Crap (Uranium verse 3) @uranuim What good is gunpowder With no fire power Your Raps male zelma Ill pull the switch like Zelda Leave you deader then Thelma tired of your mass taggin Half ass rappin Always trash yappin Oscar in the trash can all I I think when you rap man The center of attention But no one pay attention Your style needs a lesson gunpowder wit no Wesson Only half of a real weapon Did his mother neglect him Why he feigning for attention you lose cause you suck thinkin you got fucked Say walker’s promotion sucked he still Murdered you schmuck You sound like an old fuck Wit a hole in his neck From smokin like Dyce clay Your a bumm shark chum visectony cumm you ain’t bustin none Maturity of a newborn Ever think that you just wrong your wack like ziplocks song Please stay off public Manipulatin dumb kids To vote for you cumm lips What’s gunpowder doin To a Nuclear bomb Enriched ready to blow You A bitch petty hoe Your voice is a red flag Made from smoked crack Imagine dude wit a chick Try’na run game slick Growling like a prick “Can I get you number quick” instantly makes them sick ain’t goin near your dick keep rollin like Fred durst I can tell by your app ways That you stalk your ex baes Domestics your best trait Weird obsessive ways raps Gilbert Godfrey In a red neck body Always beggin for views Taggin 1000 dudes To come like your new Real recognize real You fit that Takeshi dude I’m done wit this fake fool Please don’t diss me back I can’t listen to ya wack crap meant for death metal Please stop with the rap So go cry to the chat, and make up some fake crap Go seek attention fag But the whole app knows vocal tones jacked Em could write your verse And you’d make it sound wack On top of those facts All day you mass tag Like a fuckin gay fag Ima call you nerf gun soft ass nerd bumm Gunpowder’s explosive I spit flames lets blow this Fake premadonna Like kobains brain Get left blood stain Now that’s true nirvana Your rap fame spam Trollings your main game Fuck you faggit you’re lame @GunPowdeR enjoy😁⚰


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