2Complex - Garage Season

2Complex - Garage Season


#GarageSeason Hopping on the resurgent wave of UK Garage, and released to compliment #TheEmpireUKGarage joint just dropped on @PhillyLive page. This is where grime developed from. Back in the day we'd get dressed to the nines in your finest white clobber and fresh kicks and hop on that dancefloor and give it some welly to the finest 2-step sounds. Garage is back, and it's hear to stay. #TheEmpire #EmpireUK


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@DeeMasta @brianvences @vinvemon cheers for scoring me, if you haven't already, please pop back and hit that 'like'too #GarageSeason

9 minutes ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 10/10

24 hours ago

Damn Bars: 8/10 Delivery: 8/10 Impression: 8/10

1 day ago

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