OBZ - The Karate Kid

OBZ - The Karate Kid


#fuckobz #karatekidobz #siriusissues #sirius2020 #hoodthreat #itcontinues #wheresdreko @chriscarr It’s like we’re playing dominos I’m on ya six. Adios You’d body me? Every time you rhyme on beats, you copy flows While I’m at OB-Z’s throat With upper cuts body blows It’s like you fucking said. I’ll fuckin challenge your karate pose But this ain’t grade school Though you the same height Look at the way you jumpin when you swingin It’s a strange fight Since you like 5’2, then you must feel I’m 8’5 One punch from me will send you in the air Have a safe flight You ain’t no sound hero Though you don’t stand tall, I could still knock you down, like you’re ground zero Cuz I don’t play that shit around here, yo That’s why you’re scared to show your face You’re ashamed Fuckin clown. Weirdo But I ain’t mad I can’t be furious from far My name’s S-I-R-I-U-S Sirius - the star You think that was insulting? Motherfucker… I’m a fuckin “sultan” You “envy me” You on your period… “Jafar”? Ya mic’s not a “magic lamp” Ya “power” is irrelevant I think outside the box You in the box, cuz you delicate Somebody tell this fuckin fella… get! Yea, I’m fuckin star and I could light you up On some stellar shit


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