#Entangled @moderator_en #heat2020 #NAYME #KMB #bmfeature #bmvideo LYRICS You got a boyfriend baby can you be mine? I’ll show you the world and we gon press rewind It’s fuck dat n baby I ain’t jealous It’s way too late baby we are entangled U a ten no discussion The thing id ya it’s disgusting Wanna take u to eruption It’s no pause no interruption He can’t do you like I does you He coming home but it’s no rushing You my baby like I’m Justin Pussy pink like it’s blushing yeah I got desire you be on fire I’ll be your driver u be my rider I can deciph ya that’s why I admire her Buy you designers then fuck you all night


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jus a whole nother level, that's really all I can say.

7 days ago

people been on this entanglement thang LOL. u killed it as u always do

16 days ago

😩😩😩😩😩😩♥️ on replay as usual

24 days ago

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