WAP remix : ft Nayme crissy Shanell

WAP remix : ft Nayme crissy Shanell


😏😏 had fun doin this 💦 WAP remix 🐱 This remix the real deal 🥱 👀 Cover art: @barger Mixing: @siriusissues @killermami @missmewiththebs @tokyo.is.bae Nayme verse : You wanna fuck on me Then bitch lemme see Bitch got the good ass, and the W A P She lickin down on me, I’m cold like febreeze And I ain’t talking no Jacquees but these hoes trip trip Bitch You know the fuck I’m about Pussy stay wet she ridin my mouth Lick her up then lick her down Suckin on clit, you kno the sound Clapping the cheeks it sound like a crowd stay on the knees u takin a bow She only screams AAAA she ion kno the Otha vowels She squirtin on me I wanna drown Bitch im italian, i fuck wit stallion U fuckin wit me, I’m cutting yo meat into medallions Baby got talent, coochie assassin I wanna drink all the cum like gallon Melanin is glowin she ion need Otha tannin Tapin the sexin then sample the album She shakin her ass like she havin a spasm Makin her hit higher notes than Alvin hoes in the house I brought my bro’s in the House Fuck you hoes in this house Bitch I’m a hoe in this house Fuckin the shit up with Barbie and Shanell My pussy the bomb I got clientele Pussy on fire welcome in hell That pussy sing I call her Miguel, oh well Barbie verse : Hit it one time for this wet ass pussy Said he wanna dive for this wet ass pussy Got that nigga begging for wet ass pussy And he said he gone kill for this wet ass pussy Throw it back like a ass shot hit it hard in my g spot When he lick I get posssed He eat it good mamacita Big ass juicy steak It’s a waterfall I let it break eat the cake that’s a anime Slow sex He wanna penetrate Watermelon And a juicy fruit Ride his dick Like these stripper do Slurp it good Like a pro Then he ask for another round 2 Crissy verse Beat it up Make me feel it Make me tap baby kill it Pussy leaking I am willing Build it up til you spill it All in my mouth I'll make you drown You lick me up Then I'll go down Stick it in deep I'm about to clown They call the police because of our sounds You addicted to my wet ass pussy I get freaky I get twisted with my wet ass pussy Take my fingers then I flick all on this wet ass pussy You'll be throbbing while you slobbing on this wet ass pussy Yeah Drink it up like Dasani Got you on hard in the lobby Kiss the tip, make it sloppy Licking on your balls like a hobby I keep it naughty That's what I do I know you got pride and like to play cool I like a good spanking I like to break rules I'll turn the bed into a pool #prettypussydivas #WAP #italianB #spasmB #hoesinthishouse #kill4wap #Gspot #waterfallB #slowsexp #beatitup #leakinB #lickmeup #addicted2P #DasaniB #bedpool #pussywetB #animeP #bedbreakB #milkB #dickdiet #cumpretty #stayw0ke #BMF #traumasquad #viral #megcardi #freakyshit #baddbitchvibez #bigjuicy #drownB #diveB


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4 days ago

y'all are dangerous guys pls send me this song

5 days ago

Hell yeah! This 🔥 as fuck! I'm banging this! 🔥

10 days ago

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