Lyrics: All my life I've been an outcast.. You wont find nobody who would doubt that.. I felt quite alone until I found rap, I feel like a ghost, when I'm around fans.. God Damn its like im always outclassed.. When im up then every one around laughs.. no love, they said my music sounds bad.. Thats enough, I took it till i about snapped.. Ha.. Get a load of me now, I got some offers on the table I'm to full too eat out, Im on the roster check payroll, they been holdin me down, i got yo braud she lookin fuego, and she roll with me now, I got some guap.. All you niggas been trippin if you think that im gonna stop.. I been Flippin the scrip on em critics who think that im wrong, I've been winnin get me a ribbon you bitches gettin soft, nigga listen, I'm next to git it, Im livin like a boss.. You still think imma outcast, all you rappers that talked shit your the ones that ive now passed.. You don't laugh when im talkin cause you know my dream now facts.. I've been browsin the comments all you haters have dialed back.. All you niggas are toxic, I aint stickin around that, you will not catch me talkin too you less its about rap, you aint leave me no option mike vick so I now pass.. Im the new trending topic, just thought I should announce that.. Bridge: Family will not stand with me, It is a tragedy why's this happening, It is kinda baffling, but im managing, Ill cut them out happily, fuck their vanity, My own reality, drains my battery, I have no morality, I need amnesty, yall have the audacity, to say your proud of me, when your not exactly there for this agony.. Chorus: Since im such an outcast, leave me alone.. My actions you dont condone.. You think im a joke huh.. Say it aint so.. I guess I'm too lame to approach.. I feel like a ghost yeah.. Its me they ignore.. Thats givin me reason to blow.. Ill let them all know that.. Ill reach my goals.. I'm bout to become the goat.. Verse 2: The past.. I do not want to relive that.. Everytime I think back on it I git mad.. That is some shit that I've been tyna git passed.. I wasn't shit but a joke when I did rap.. Yeah.. I'm like that kid that got picked last in gym class, you will be sorry you did that.. trust me.. I hardly get mad, this time around you all better prepare for a mismatch.. I've been mad for a minute, I've had it with this shit, I'm back from the trenches, no damage inflicted, I'm glad that I'm different, I've masked all my feelins, get a camera and film this, I'm glad that I'm gifted, my craft im rebuilding, my hands on the kill switch, my plan is to finish, I'll be rackin up millions, yeah as is predicted, give back to my niggas, who had good intentions, thats a fact it aint fiction.. Yeah.. I take a different approach, all these rappers that have been hatin they've been stealing my flows, I'm just laughin in all there faces cause there shit is a joke.. Yall the same, niggas that happened to see me as a ghost, your takin notes huh? It was a matter of time before I exposed ya.. This goes too all of you rappers who think im no one.. All you niggas jut braggin and showin no love.. But i wonder what happens when imma blow up.. I've been feelin like im destined for this rap shit, yall been lookin down on me since I was just a damn kid, I aint ever goin back to stressing over that shit, ill be out here throwing hands, so come and get a fat lip, kill it like im born to rap im lookin for a casket, I aint never holdin back because I'm feelin famished, niggas here be hopin that im gonna end up Hazben, I wont let em hold me back that shit will never happen.. #rapfame #hiphop #bmbest #bmvideo #paradoxrecords #new #2020heat #fire #locoent #rap #bmfeature #barz @moderator_n


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dats fucking dope,,,gee, 🤪💯🤑🤯🤡💥💫💣💣💣💣💣💣

2 months ago

Mean hook bro ifwt 💯💯@

3 months ago

fire g

4 months ago

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