6ftremix ft.br33ze reapa jbarchie

6ftremix ft.br33ze reapa jbarchie


6ft7ft Cover art : @barger On the track with the goats ‼️ 🔥 💯 🐐 Comment y’all favorite barz from each artist 🙈 🔥 🥵 below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Breeze verse - @br33ze01 Money on conditions , throwing but I’m blitzing, 1st , 2nd and third bout to run it watch me me pitch in , Dey call me robocop cause I’m unstoppable to humans , Keep respect within the circle but the levels ain’t congruent Punchlines like a punch bag, can’t harmonize wit the blue flag, got stand up where the truth at , and the real ones we salute dat , To the police and the president , we don’t fuck wit you and it’s evident , stay the fuck away from my residence , only bullet holes , no settlements .. ahhh Alright , Go in like mahammed , flexin like I’m boxing Fuck courtin a bitch , I take em out coronavirus Just bought a 40 gauge , and fell in love wit shootin proper , Got engaged to open targets knock my shoulder outta socket... No time for the bullshit , keep the heater on me wit the full clip , you AINT wit da gang you can jump shit, make em take a knee like the pullpit Put a verse on in a quick , pull da best bars out the top deck , leave the best part for who got next Verse 2- reapa @reapadagoat Hit through your speakers Hoe I been clean sense a fetus We Walk around with tha heater My bars go fast I’ma cheater Sit on cloud 9 with the meter It’s getting hot caught a fever Picking yo teeth out my sneakers How much it cost for a feature Glock extended gone reach ya Play dead are call for a preacher No throw away it’s a keeper Tha choppa creep ya like jeepers Killed all my friends they was leaching learn a lesson I’m teaching Hopped on the beat know I’m eating Pass the blunt don’t like cheifin —————————————————- Reapa not gone petty just know that-most of y’all scary Wake up like peanut and jelly this shit gone really deadly Up in the closet R kelly 2Pac the truth mikeveli Red beam hole poppin your melon No face stay beating a felon Y’all niggaz gay Tyler perry Bruh Close your eyes say a blessing Move Im grippin my weapon Alert don’t need no protection Saved my soul never telling Swear I never regret it Blow his brain to spaghetti Say Barbie tell em we ready Verse 3- barbie verse @baddbarbie I got the mind of a minion Man fuck y’all opinion If I wanted or need it I woulda went on a mission I’m all for the kill and I’m all for the winning Like Im in an election Call Hillary Clinton Put my face on da bill Rackin stacks like a meal Gotta pay for Brazil Lil Wayne got me so ill We do this for real Give a fuck how u feel Sit yall ass in sum ice So y’all nighaz can chill Rags to riches plenty seas for the fishes Y’all fuckas my bait I be catching for days Entanglement Fever Turn it up like a heater 100 degrees Roasting bitches like weeniers I swing like Serena These hoes is anemic They not even breathin Shoulda never start reaching Y’all shouldn’t be teaching I pay no attention We keep the profession JB teach em a lesson Verse 4 -JB @jbarchie Snapping im spazzing Gun clicky clacking Flame out Fire within the dragon Kant shoot em gotta stab em On a track the goats With hittas that do the most Save yo 50cent Bitch i got the power No ghost Choppa wake a nigga up Like breakfast no toast Im way wayy up On a bean Bish i stay up The truth is u a lie Bullets got superpowers They way i have shit fly No emotions Dont care if these niggas die Just send em to god He can deal with em in the sky Shoot a acting rapping Gotta make sure i keep bail Bitch i run the game Never tore my acl Im over 6ft so wym Smacking masks off these niggas face Fuck yo covid 19 Guns in my family tree Guess they run in my GENES Small big fat or tall If u think u big or ball Ion give af we aiming at yoi mings Take they life in a breeze Bish i arch with a eaze Bitch the reaper is calling Barbie please intervene Yeah yeah Before before i kill em plz Ion fuck with goofies Ion argue with these clowns I just run with the felons And then we walk these niggaz down #thegoatsB #barz4dayz #breezeXBarbieXreapaXJB #bulletholesB #barsgofast #cheetahB #entanglementfeverB #rags2riches #roastingbitches #snappingB #spazzingB #BulletpowersB #staywokefamily #stayw0ke #hoodthreat #immortalz #immortals #BBRJ #6ft7ft #lilwayneB #viral #punchlinesB #baddbarbie #br33ze #reapadagoat #jbarchie #swinglikeserena #goatshittB #2000vibes #2020heat #hot #bars #bmbest #rawmusic #barzchallenge #barflamez #fuckgoofies #robocopB #mahammedB #hoesanemic #inhumanecontest


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