“(Intro)-no money/ (ending) with money smh...” collab with @QLTEE #CLASSIC #HOODTHREAT #SHARKTANKENT #TH3KING #TH3QUEEN #KINGOFCHALLENGES #BOSSMOVES #CHILDSUPPORTCOURT #L3GALBATTLES Verse 1 Staring in the barrel of a gun without the safety on , Spirits in the room are talking to me while I’m in my home , I look up at the walls memories are in and out , Thinking bout my children having fun and taking up the couch , My babymomma on something different shit she took em from me , I used to see my babies every Saturday and Sunday, Work was slow and suddenly she stopped the kids from coming , All because my check was short and child support was short of funding . Never had a problem til the argument was money, Never seen her different til she made a nigga comfy , Heard she met a millionaire the one she calling honey , Now everytime I call the bitch my kids acting funny , She always txting me and threaten me to go to court, And when I txt her back she making a police report, Why the men that’s being fathers getting fucked over , Cause your babymommas make up was a “change over”.... Verse 2- You know what’s funny.... I look back at the times we used to spend together kickin it , I was dealing drugs, you was getting money flipping it , Anything you needed I would charge it to my bank account, And tell you not to pay me back cause that’s what being real about, We used to talk at night and come up wit some kid names , Smoke a lot of weed listening to lil Wayne , Now I keep my heart wrapped until the pain stop, Cause you using all my babies like a pawn shop, When I was working at the dealership , the money wasn’t promised so you always called me up so you could start some shit , Asked you for a little time with my babies but you said we wasn’t dating so there AINT no need for Partnership, Now I’m at a record label and my money comin steady and you tell me “look I wasn’t being petty”, I was trying to protect em, yea you tried it girl my lawyers getting READY!


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I got the same problem

23 days ago

Here are my scores: Bars: 10/10 Delivery: 10/10 Impression: 9/10

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