🐐🔥”Had To Bring The Fun Back!”🔥🐐 MIXED BY @KILLERMAMI #GOCRAYZY #CHRISBROWNORIGINAL #HOODTHREAT #RAPFAMELEGEND #TH3KING #KINGOFCHALLENGES #BARZONBARZZZ #GRINDHARDER Verse 1 (BR33ZE) Runnin Numbers like I’m track and field huntin , hit a home run EVERYTIME but I’m Buntin I do this on da daily most these other niggas stuntin I can sing up on the track but I just give em what dey wanting you be honest Sing: Stay on fire with the punches , Got a lot of Fuckin money and a lot of Pussy niggas Hatin On me.... Classy ass nigga , gasoline on a verse, Diesel wit the flames weather last or I’m first Gotta get dat car, gotta get dat house , gotta get dat track , gotta track dat out Imma mix dat shit , den Da beat might flip, If I holla at a bitch , den da bitch might trip Ain’t got time for much attention , keep my focus sprintin No reception , only chargin to my barz limits Look behind me but the window in my cars tinted Fuck the past I’m the present , not a paused sentence If she need me in her life , den I’m all in it , If she need me for a night , den I’m all finished Don’t send me nuttin if you sending all ya world business , Keep all yo problems if the highlight of your world bitching Stay at yo house if yo kitty and yo mouse itchin Aint dippin in you if it’s Santa on yo rag Cookin ... If that bar went past ya head you a blood dipper , The bitch gonna test you if she know you got a bad temper Frozen solid wit the knowledge so the brain cheat ya , Don’t make em pull me out the casket for a cold feature... 2nd verse (Nayme) freaky bom bom to the time lately i been cryin, i been cryin they stole all my dimes in a sight but anythin happens for a reason, right? i go C Breezy on a hoe she want the NAYME feature oh she pumpin the new Woo, i got the smoke (WOOO!) i aim for the stars and the moon and sum more i'm crazy, you puttin me under pressure baby these hoes be actin shady, anythin they do is fakin ay wussup breeze she want 69 but nayme aint a snitch soon I release my EP, yall gon see yall hoes gon pay for a feat, on me! @


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oh shit is go

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hot 🔥🔥🔥

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