America Land Of The Fee

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music by rujay "remedy" lyrics by j koerner America land of the fee You got to be asleep anymore to believe in the American dream  Certainly not winning any medals right now for our actions  No wonder other countries stare at us laughing compare us to trash bins We're tactical yeah but We're tactless Take a walk down the block in your city Probably feel all the hate it's emitting Walls are pocked with gunshots with a pity that we glorify hate and lace it with killing. See your neighbor's face of despair there's tensions related to race in the air. instead of trying to face it and repair we negated and act like it was never even there  No pausing this cause of ignorance We living with constituents of Rich bigots A nation of hypocrites that cage the kids of immigrants that will visit. They trying to say mind your business Land of the free and private prisons I'll take a stand against our enemies is it us is it them which one is it These are the reasons why I don't pledge my allegiance Domestic treason from the chiefs in DC want to chain me down to believe in their theiven schemes Or want my fellow man to bleed and beat him just because he won't concede Repreve him keep him as a cash proceed And delete any sanctions so he'll never be free  It's sickening all these sick men Got they Dick's in little kids and They feed us lies of contradiction So it's even harder to convince them Or they try to play it as a victim I would never do it cuz I'm Christian. In a few days you will acquit em And this is the country you bring up your kids in Baffling  how he keep it all under our mattresses Sikh veterans live behind scaffolding Just scratching heads Thinking why they even went over to Iraq again  Cash stacking in From all of this government racketing Not taxed It's not an accident  That gems are imported from Africans Till their backs give in. We're building walls Imported American fentanyl Till it gets in your city and your family falls Cracks calling back from the 80s y'all Different name is all it is It's aimed at all your friends Pain is on they list Shame does not exist When demons run the fence Man they got you by the balls While you're worried about paying rent It is what it is Fucking disgusting Home of the wage slave The hollow tip mag Where we make our own pencils But not our own flags Where fashioned like a book of matches 1 don't work they throw you in the trash Maybe give you a couple lashin's Defund your teachers and classes Rewrite the past just to dumb down the masses The instances of all the ignorance and the insolence to all the indigents Who are scraping cents Just to try to live In a world where they can't buy their insulin This is not all right This is not all right This is not all right How the hell do we live in a world that slights The equality of women's reproductive Rights No comradery even in your beds at night you win the lottery and have to give the feds a slice And I don't give a shit if I offend your sight I would gladly burn your stars and stripes Burn it just burn it Make the people learn its just fabric Turn into ashes Poof it's magic Nobody hurt It's worthless Yet it gets you so mad So dramatic Not like I'm holding up automatics Calm your asses Sounds like you're not concerned about learning And trying to keep your wack social status God damnit and if you're one of those people that thinks America is okay right now I do not want you standing with me We need a change America Land of the fee


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I feel it! 🤜🤛

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