Thank You To @flexmadeyourgirltext (Beat Producer) @moderator_en #BadMan #BadManXO #BadXO #eXo #SWFeXo #SWF #stayw0ke #SWF2020 #IMABADMAN #Feature #FeaturedMaterial #PutMeOn #BMVideo #BMHeat #BMBest #BM2020 (1st Verse) Grab me a pen, back at it again, Send friends to a deadend, down a dirt road, with an old fence on the side of it and Im comin to ride with a 45, in otherwords Im gunnin. Woah, threats from death, place your bets, Im bout to snap his neck, but whos next, step up on deck, wrap around you so tight cant flex. Drop the bomb the on em, give no fucks no condom, Ima spill blood like condiments, obvious you got the comments when I come at you act anonymous. Use common sense, you dont want no problems then woke coming at your throat everybody know we go body this. Do growth like botanist. Ima give em speed quick, bury another body, probably not gunna wanna see me dig dirt when you get hurt blood on your t shirt you dont wanna be proof of my street work. Feet first, jump in, wet you down, get scratched out, record sounds, Im recognized for wreckin clowns. You would think thats a bat signal in the clouds. (Hook) Aint no batman, I am bad man. Dont you test me. Dont you test me. Im Hugh Jackman Wolverine Im feelin testy. Feelin testy. You dont want inside my head its kinda messy. Kinda messy. You dont know your way around it could get deadly. Could get deadly. (2nd Verse) Im not very friendly all the time, my friends even seem to toe the line, I know your story but you dont know mine. You read my pages and open your mind. Im like philosophy, possibly, I will expand all my properties. I am an intellectual, electrical, spectacle running through all of my obstacles do the impossible. Clearly unstoppable, call in the cops, call in the constables, still can not stop flow, told you not stoppable, told you not possible, mind as well stop it bro. Let me stop it quick. So I can kill everything, If Im a demon then tell me how do I spit it so heavenly. Heaven called, seems like, they lost my angel. I got mad they tried to bribe me with a halo. I told em keep it from now on Im gunna lay low, dont call me back unless the Holy Father say so. Hook X2


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12 days ago

wow bro

2 months ago

This is dope !!!! Flow is insane

3 months ago

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