The Purge ft. TyWu

The Purge ft. TyWu


The Purge ft. @tyrellgibson #thepurge #IMP1 #ImmortalPurge #immortals Mix and Master by TyWu @tyrellgibson @bmvideo @bmbest "This is the Purge" of Nerds' From the Herd' With Words' to Surge' Where evil is Observed' Converged' in a Blur' As Depression is Submerged' & Oppression is Served' Undeserved' Rights not Preserved' Riots on the Verge' Hold your breath & Emerge' For the Purge' __________________ I Emerge' to Concur' With the need to Conjure' Strength from Hunger' To Conquer' with Wonder' For Justice' Unheard' Disgusted' For Sure' With their Nerve' & Will to Serve' A Real Scurge' To Kill or Injure' So' we Surge' in a Blur' To bring the Purge' No Exaggerations' With Imagination' I'm Decapitating' These Devils' As a Rebel' On Strike' To see these Kikes' Heads on a Spike' You Dead Right' Like Dracula' Attacking Ya' Vascular' With Vernacular' For you Fleas' To See' That We' Do Bleed' & Grieve' just to Breathe' With the Threat of Death' In ever Arrest' As you Step' to Press' With knees Kept' On our Knecks' & Chest' As a Reminder of the Old' Jim Crow' To Behold' From these Cold' Tyrants' of Violence' Expecting Silence' Do I got the Answer' Hardly' But I Chant' like Marley' For the Black Panther Party' & their Prophecies' Of Mockery' Mixed with Hypocrisy' It's Damnation' For this Clan Facing' Retribution' In the form of a Revolution' ______________________ oxygen purged gone not deserved with a gasp and a cry genocide on the verge world up in tears now loaded in gas align in the fight with those who've amassed tyrannical trump political front wealth from the poor while he hides in the bunk sounds like a liar pants full on fire callin em thugs bro preach to the choir taken offense to looters bitch please where's your defense for shooters and knees saw protesters down like a tree hear em loud they can't breathe bodies keep stacking cities keep blacking windows smashing world that's lacking fuck wealth hoarders closin up the borders those not white it's a mental disorder chose to fight not takin orders take this light fight close quarters fire burnin bright let's end this torture execute your rights for the new world order time to understand that we can make a difference stand hand in hand for a world with consistence knowledge is power so understand yo fuckin privelage strong as we tower welcome to the resistance


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