Growing Pains_Fin

Growing Pains_Fin


I thought growing pains were supposed to slow as we age, nope, homie I've made, so many mistakes, feels like I been floating away hopeless for days, afraid to even open the shades, up, ain’t the funniest thing, how rays, no matter how goolden, can still poke you in spades, and a sun speckled ocean, ostensibly tame, can make you a grave in the same place it strangles you, the same place where you sank (plop) / I’m feeling closer to sane, and yet hopeless the same / Like the clouds are unfolding, but may open to rain /go head and open the gates up, like homecoming days come, or throw me to flames cause, I’m nobody’s saint plus / it feels like I’ve been phoning it in, anyways, while I wait / going through motions totally fake / But, yo, this a dope beat, all the same / so hit record on the tape, then hope your flow will come save it / n take it one day at a time / till maybe (just maybe) the rain dries , up, and you can pull the blinds up / finally, to a summer sky lit / with dandelions and lilies, yellow, white n vibrant / right outside ya / window / or better yet inside it / with your head upside hers / legs intertwined with / matching smiles / laughing while / You recount the time when / you tried to say goodbyes but / couldn’t find the strength... / Until you finally did , and were suprisingly fine with it , but is it really that surprising since you’ve got enough bottles n compartments siloed from your childhood and to wife to fit, without watering a fuxking eyelid yet, even a tiny bit, so what’s another pile of it squished into confinement then /, adios sianora, Fin / I don’t have rhr mother fuxking time for this Burp


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4 months ago

feature status 💯 fam, keep that grind main @jbird.2

5 months ago

another banger. lyrics flow and wordplay dope as fuck.

8 months ago

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