#TheLyfeE #Calling00

#TheLyfeE #Calling00


#TheLyfeE #Calling00 @ImmortalsTrack Featuring @__DollaBill__ & @TyrellGibson Peace and Blessings. All remain safe during this Pandemic. @Bmvideo Thank you for the platform. Mix, Master & Cover Art By Ty'Wu Take a Hike in My Shoes' Despite Cues' of Clues' From a Slight' Bruise' I Choose' to Fight' Blues' That Fright Chews' As Hype is Viewed' Like Night News' I'm on a Flight Through' With a Birds Eye View' Observing' Suburbans' Converging' On a Turkan' in a Turban' Conversing' with a Serban' Cursing' & Serving Burban' That's why I'm Swerving' A Stars Bender' With a Bartender' & No Guilt' I'm On Tilt' In a Kilt' On Stilts' So, Next' watch the Kid Flex' Omnipotent' Set' To Rodents' Rid X' Live Next' to Shrek' Under a Bridge of Wreck' To Hex' Fakes' On this Quest' of Fate' To Checkmate' Stress' & Hate' That Left a Mess in the Wake' Of Destruction' By a Corruption' Of Functions' For the Weak' Beat up!' Sweet Pups' I Sweep Up' Or Greet' with a Deep Cut' The Diabolical' Chronological' Obstacle' for Logical' Dockets of Profits' We Pocket' Drives Gossip' Building Decibels, Credible' To this Godly' Festival' Of Incredible' Audio Edibles' A Bite' of Acceptables' Quite Delectable' _______________ _________________ Why do you Behave' In Ways' That only brings Shade' Knowing we Crave' The Suns Rays' To Run & Rave' So Come Wave' As Guns are Raised' On those Dumb Days' Feeling Some Craze' Amazed By the Slums Praise' To this Bum Phase' In Hip Hop Going down in a Blaze' To the Bay' to Play' Unafraid of the Fray' Displayed on Hotter Days' As Shottas Say' All Praise' The Real Deal' of Skills' That is... Ty'Wu & Dolla Bill'


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Damnn I never Heard This 1🔥🔥🔥😈

17 days ago

how in the world did I stumble on this Diamond !! thanks for putting this out!!

1 month ago

suscribed to your youtube channel..hope to see more

3 months ago

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