#ImmortalLordsOfTheRing #ILOTR9

#ImmortalLordsOfTheRing #ILOTR9


#ImmortalLordsOfTheRing #ILOTR9 @ImmortalsTrack Featuring @DruHart @HeavyChevy @TyrellGibson @NeROXed @CoeusTheTitan Mixed, Master & Cover Art By Ty'Wu @Bmvideo Appreciate the platform, for the opportunity to do what I N I Love. Wu verse: I Strike this Tyke' with Light' In this Hand Off of Might' As the Great Gandalf the White' Uncorked' to Torch' Your army of Orcs' As I Hold my Staff' So Brash' Flows Blast' A Whole Cast of Trolls Fast' Shattering the Shield' Of Suraman's Will' Soon to be Killed' Out here in this Field' Of Seduction' For Lessons of Corruption' Are weapons of Destruction' So, of Course' With no Remorse' I summon the G-Force' From his Resource' & Torch' Each Dork' In his Weak Fort'


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yep that's a hit way to go bro

7 months ago

lost my obsession and lost my direction loved that

8 months ago

I really like this one. Dope asf fr. 🔥🔥

9 months ago

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