Get Em Pressed

Get Em Pressed


Cold as ice but they melt in my hand/ And if u can’t stand me than why tf do u stand?/ Take a seat bitch ur already mentally handicapped / I gave his ass to you and he still ain’t ya man/ Ayy I’m just talkin shit don’t get ya panties in a twist/ Wonder how many girls will think they got something to do with this/ Since when did having fun on a track turn into a diss/ Don’t got no more beef on this app I’m strictly lettuce/ Now you know ima talk about my booty/ First name Ali but my middle name Judy/ Got the brains to match and I’m one hell of a beauty/ You know u gotta be slow if you dumb enough to lose me/ Yooo u know I talk myself up/ Hour glass figure and I got no gut/ Kitty on wet wet, smooth, no bumps/ Good girl in real life, but sometimes a cyber slut/ I mean you gotta own that shit/ I swear I be flirtin myself into a relationship/ Be breakin up with someone I ain’t even with/ Lose my sense of reality then get a grip/ Get ppl mad and I ain’t even gotta do nothing/ Like omg Becky why is she so stunnin/ Let’s just both hate the bitch we don’t even have to prove nothin/ How dare she be the bitch my man thinks about when he’s nuttin/ Na na na na I love gettin under their skin/ It’s so easy too, like they just wanna let me in/ Ding ding ding let the games begin/ Got no problem playin cuz I always win/ I appeal to the masses/ Great personality and all the right assets/ If u don’t like me u need to change ya aspect/ Real thug chick I’m one hell of a classic/ Let me break it down so u don’t get it twisted/ I’m all about the music,be droppin bombs like ballistics/ High quality tracks I’m in charge of logistics/ Lyrics are an art and I major in linguistics/ This is just a hobby for me/ Never went into rap takin it seriously/ This was just my escape, free therapy/ But I’m better than the top 99.3 biiitch #GetEmPressed #GEP #BmVideo #BmBest #2020Heat #2020 #HipHop Mixed by @DaveCollins


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wanna do collaborate with if cool

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