Slide On Em

Slide On Em


#SlideOnEm (Ft @KillerMami ) Hook: @AliGat0r They trippin trippin if they think I won’t slide on em/ Always got some to say, and I’m gettin tired of em/ If I catch em walkin I’m that bitch that gon ride on em/ Judge me by my looks, don’t get it twisted Ima wil’ on em/ Slide on em, I ain’t scurred to slide on em/ Friends hypin em up, and all they’re doin is misguidin em/ Thumb thuggin till I pull up Along side of em/ Tell me why u making threats but u ain’t never tried nothin/ Verse 1: @AliGat0r Bitches all bark cuz they never try to bite someome/ you a scared to tell ya friends ya got ya ass beat by a white women/ rattling you hoes is something that’s becoming quite common/ U not a threat to me, u ain’t considered a slight problem/ Man or woman shit,both of y’all can get it/ And this ain’t no sublim but if the shoe fits, wear it/ I just take my mood and use a beat to express it/ Keep ya comments to yaself, u ain’t nobody to impress bitch/ I don’t gotta be present to be respected/ You get ya feelings hurt when ur ignored feel all neglected/ What you don’t like about me is what u see reflected/ Turn negativity to bleach and go ahead and ingest it/ I can be spiritual and still wanna fkn slap a hoe/ It’s known that I’m a savage and I ain’t talkin Navajo/ Hands soft, nails done, lookin pretty, but they pack a blow/ I can crack a skull, easier than I can crack a joke/ Im just spittin the obvious cuz y’all already know. // 3rd Verse @KillerMami I’m a wild bitch, I’m wild ho I’m a fine bitch, you dumb ho Get around ho, you ain’t sayin shit Get up out my way mothafucka yeah get a grip I’m unappreciated, my flow God made it My glock been ready, ion diss these players I displaying Y’all bitch be fakin tryna get faded I’m bread makin If u think that I’m playin ima show u how I slide a ho Get yo nigga here ima show him how to fuck a ho Yeah I’m gettin bread but a bitch always want sum mo First I fuck a ho then I leave her to the fuckin door Hol up Ima slide on her I’m gettin tired of her I can’t rely on her Fuck it, ima lie on her #Slide0nEm #S0E #SL1D30N3M #Hoodthreat #BmVideo #BmBest #2020Heat #2020 #Rap #FeaturedMaterial #PotwMaterial #Coversbysaint #Bmvideo #BMBEST #FeatureIt #BMHeat #BMAllStar #BMGrind #HipHop #Rap #BattleMe #Hot #BMFeature #Heat #New #Fire #BMGold #Bars #Music #FeaturedMaterial #RapFame #RapFameGrind #Heat #2k20 #2020 #Banger #Trap #Fire #New


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Doing your ting up in ere cmon!! whoosh

20 days ago

damn so many plays killed it

1 month ago

I like this ma

2 months ago

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