#ImmortalGuru #16BarzofStars

#ImmortalGuru #16BarzofStars


#ImmortalGuru #16BarzofStars Immortals track Featuring @TyrellGibson . Mixed, Master & Cover Art By Ty'Wu. Chorus & verse From the era of the Crack Game' I Dispatch Flames' With Exact Aim' To Combat Train' Hack Lames' Tracked to Dames' Claimed' Whack & Strange' That Hang' on Rap Fame' __________________ To Creeps & Strangers' Asleep' In Deep Hangers' With Jeep Wranglers' That Wreak of Danger' I Greet with Bangers' To Beat with Anger' As A Regal' my Credo' Is Shitting on People' Like Seagulls' that are Evil' As Wee Souls' Grow' with Each Goal' To Uphold' the G Code' So' Dip' to the Whip' Equipped' with Tread for Grip' Or Get Hit' wit a full Clip' From Head to Hip' This Strap' is Packed' With a full Load of Caps' That Blows Cats Back' As they Explode on Impact' Meet the Centrist' Mentalist' of Interest' From Mount Olympus' As the Guide to Treasure' I Provide Pleasure' From a Sector' Pressured' To Defy Measure' As an Immortal Titan' I leave Mortals Frightened' When Striking' With Lyrical Lightening' Siphoned' From Poseidons Trident' Forged to Shoot' Orbes' that Nuke' Fluke' Hordes Produced' As the sword of Truth' Hacking' at Mates Acting' Like Great Captains' To Make Factions' Create Action' For Hate to Happen' Then Escape Laughing '


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WU Worthy! 🔥🔥🔥

7 months ago

Ayyyyeeeeee. Immortals in this house.

11 months ago


1 year ago

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