Hard To Breathe (ft Verbose)

Hard To Breathe (ft Verbose)


#HardToBreathe (Ft @VerboseMusicOfficial β›”#HOODTHREAT β›” #Hard2Breathe #H2B #HardToBreatheFtVerbose #SaintxPNT #TruthMusic #HTBanger #Conspiracy Prod D-Low Beats Cover Art @saintjames502 //Hook @saintjames502 Its Hard To Breath Through The Chem Trails/They Aborting Babies For Stem Cells/ The Root Of All Evil Is To Get Wealth/ Feel Like I'm In Hell Its Dim With A Grim Smell/ Man Its Hard To Breath Through The Chem Trails/ An Everything Arounds Collecting Intel/ All These Shadow Groups Like Moving In Stealth/ An Its Hard To See Cuz They Cover It With A Big Veil/ //Verse @saintjames502 In God We Trust But The Enity Is Lying/ An We Never Realize It Just Stand There Being Silent/ Yo Well I Plan To See Some Violence/ Behead The Beast, Ostensibly An Stand To Beat Tyrants/ All These Meds But The Cancer Breed Is Thriving/ If They Was Trying To Look For A Cure Then They Could Find It/ They Take Our Food An Genetically Design it/ Then Fill Our Shots With Poison Cuz They Rather See Us Dying / They Pull The Weather Strings With The Jets That They Be Flying/ The Trails They Leave Behind Them Are Claimed To Ease The Climate/ Yo They Keep Our Family's Devided, An Turn Us All To Bitchs With They Gender Reassignment/ Never Read The Fine Print Before We Agree/ The Corporate Elite Start Cirvling An Swarming To Eat/ You Want To Know The Person Pushing For A War In Street/ The Contractor Thats Provides With The Sword An The Sling/ They Whoring For Greed, Just Prostitution/ As They Washing All The Ink Off Of The Constitution/ I Dont, Watch The News Cuz Its All Illusions/ Bunch Of Fabricates Problems An Some False Solutions/ Open Your Eyes An See The Symbols All Around/ Stare At The Blood As It Drip Off The Crownf I Better Watch What I Spit Or Talk About/ Before My Name Gets Added To The Clinton Body Count/ //2nd verse - Verbose #Hoodthreat #TopTier #CoversBySaint #Saintjames502 #TopTier #Bmvideo #Heat2019 #BMBEST #FeatureIt #2019Heat #2k19 #BMHeat #2019 #BMAllStar #BMGrind #HipHop #Rap #BattleMe #Hot #BMFeature #Heat #New #Fire #BMGold #Bars #Music #FeaturedMaterial


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9 months ago

symbols everywhere along with our own personal sighns designed for us to pick up on shit crazy our and anxiety ain't no joke

10 months ago

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