The EXORCISTS (phillylive and theReckoning)

The EXORCISTS (phillylive and theReckoning)


#theexorcists #exono #ghostie PHILLYLIVE oh ya saying it's my accent you dont understand well understand your girlfriend looks like Russel brand ghosts dead I'm grave digger I'll dig up a man get the picture get the point exo wants you like uncle sam I can tell ya breathless and ya getting stressed out exo needs to stop texting before exo gets exed out he didn't wanna get involved but stretched his chest out ghosts a snitch exos a bitch now get ya breasts out fantasies of casualties in rhapsodies faggot please you only catch bodies on your gymnastic teams I told you rappings a hobby this is a laugh for me ghost running out of power fast change his batteries or take the ones back that you slotted into exo the same way he slots his penis into your exit hole he's on youtube and his favourite game is metro only mad at me because hes homo and were im a hetero you plays game youre a gamer youre a nerdy boy my call of duty in this death match to search and destroy in a fortnite we battled I think I hurt ya boy ghost said it himself he's the plumber I'll make him work for coins exo fiddling with children while hes still playing pong I'm smoothly killing these villains like I was james bond I'll cook them up like a chef just call me Rae kwon I feel pac and shock g ghost makes the same song it's different flows and rhyme schemes we were waiting on I asked you to name me one good bar couldn't name me one exos mum walks in the room like wheres that baby from he told her him and ghost gay and want babies so theyre taking one before you respond to me then really take ya time at least then theres opportunity to make it rhyme try to find some rhyme schemes from of your basic mind you need to get yourself to my level before you're playin mine THE RECKONING I'll turn exo into ghost before the day is lost Turn up the heat till you be praying for the winter frost You fishy pussy You'll get battered while your playing cod I'll Take your life with no respawning like I'm playing god see through ghost there's no denying what you say is soft I'm on a higher level there's no way that you can slay a boss A deadly game and now it's time for you to pay the cost Exo's in a body bag I left him laying in the loft Ghost and exo both are Pussies like two dykes Ain't nowhere to run and hide I'm bout to catch two flights I'll come to your cities and shut em down like tube strikes The last thing that you'll see is the flash and the smoke from two pipes Ghost ain't got nobody got exercised from his crew right This lonely little bitch throws a fit like his pants are too tight Exo thinks he's special but doesn't know that there's two types He's the kind off special we say when a kid ain't too bright They hold each other close it's like one body with two mouths Ghost is dead and heading north and exo's due south I got a few left in the barrel for those who do doubt I'll have you asking questions like who the fuck let these goones out Run up on these bitches like get the fuck out the damn car Why you watching gay porn the vision has left a damn scar Exo's got his fingers up ghosts arse like it's a jam jar I bet kittas pussy looks just like a chewed up wham bar Exo claims he bodied my crew but he never did He featured with a diss at the end of a track and cherished it And ghost you think that you can diss my Irish heritage They live through the oppression overcame and then buried it nobody gives a fuck what you say when you freaks speak dissed the ukd and you could say was meep meep All up in the chatroom exo rides dick like some cheap meat @w0ke_exo @0ogh0sto0 #mitp And Ghost ain't even rhyming he can't even hold a cheap beat


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sting remix nice then the flow dropped nice one!!

4 months ago

💪🦍💪🦍 peep👉#krownme

8 months ago

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