(verse1) I will never forget the first time we meet, locked eye to eye, that moment I knew life will stop passing me by cuz every second of every minute of every hour we spent with each other, I wouldn't have it any other, always sunshine in the most unpredictable weather, you was a blessing from up above, taking his time to design someone so fine and Devine like delicious 100 year aged wine, took 7 days for God to create earth cuz it took him 6 days to create you from birth, you make me thirst and quince me like gatorade in the 4qtr of a championship game cuz you by my side I'm always winnin, especially when you smile, teeth glissaning like Tig!!!! You make me feign for your touch, your taste, your love, how good it feels with you in my hands as I rub, threw heaven and hell, I knew it was his plan for the man up above for us to be together threw the thickest it was a must, in god I trust (Hook) You are my blessing, my life, my everything You are the one I need, the one I want, the reason I breath Up and downs, heaven or hell, nothing is impossible when I have you with me It was God's plan for us to be....together (Verse2) I don't know what words I can use to explain our love, we been thru lies and decent, heart break and misfortunes, been thru life and even death and we still figured how to get out, overcome, get thru the drama, it wasn't because I had my baby mama with me, cuz I had the mother of my kids on my side, my do or die, my ride or die, my sky cuz she up lifts me and the sky has no limits, neither does our love, our vision, no mission was impossible, especially when our mind combined, forever on our daily grind thru out the night time, shined brighter then a meteor shower, no deniel what we was, God's plan, so it hurts deep inside with no regrets but crazy how after all these years, it's gone (Hook2) You were my blessing, was my life, my everything I thought I needed, the one I wanted, the reason I breath These Ups and downs, from heaven to hell, nothing was impossible when I had you with me Questioning was it God's plan for us to be.....together


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@somietici5694 real life

5 years ago

Superb flow big brother @MaDd_HaNdLeZ

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