y'all ain't ready 4 me


lil shakey but let me know, comment truth, like, share, I need a crew, better everytime!!!! check out "fucking around" and "fucking around2", fuck with me (hook) I'm a animal ready to eat I'm a beast ready to feast I'm a monster in your dreams Nah! Y'all ain't ready for me (Verse1) I need to address a lil something, let y'all know don't sleep, keep one eye open cuz I'm coming, I'm hungry, my appetite for wack rappers is so stomach grumbling, I came from nothing converting it into something, that's my self motivation, im money motivated, shit is contagious, so is stupidity, with that being, get the fuck away from me, the older I get, the farther I rather be, just me and my own, my fam, my love ones, so all I see is me being the best, that's all that's it, me and the number 1 spot, I got so many responsibilities, using my abilities to take care of them, you feel me, I eat, sleep, and shit this work, I speak this game, I think high wages, I bleed gold and spit platinum, I shit diamonds, like Dave Chappelle, legendary flowing in these veins, I'm monsterious, like terrible 2's cuz I put in double time, like cous cous, cuz my shit taste so good you had to name it twice, my bars so big like Bruce Bruce cuz I got that juice juice, ready to let it loose loose, yeah, I'm so different with this rap shit, the way I spit this fire, call me dragon but everyone saids that, fucking with these kids I'll keep it Disney, I spit like Teka, can't see me cuz I be shape shifting like I'm a demi-god, Im just to raw like the octamom, so you know I won't ever pull out, so stay calm, I'm here for the long haul, won't stall, fast and furious, tokey drifting on these mf's, foot down on the pedal, down to the metal, they granny shiften, while I'm double clutching like I should, im winning this race by a inch or a mile, winning is winning, step back like harden, long distance like curry, smash on y'all like VC, half man half amazing, none of y'all can touch me like I fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, I don't think y'all understand, a blind man can see me, deaf girl can hear me, a paraplegic will get out there seat to congratulate me, I'm top shelf, top of my class, you the student, I'm the teacher sending you ass straight to detention cuz you gone learn today, the way I spray, automatic, game code, unlimited ammo, so fucking with me, yo ass dies today, you fuck with me, we get paid, no in-between, Tony Montana cuz all I got in this world is my word and my balls and I don't break them for no one (hook) I'm a animal ready to eat I'm a beast ready to feast I'm a monster in your dreams Nah! Y'all ain't ready for me


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3 years ago

Hell Ya💯

4 years ago

@MaDd_HaNdLeZ it is yeah more clearer than usual . so from now dont record thro battle me nomore

@ChrisTurriettaRector check #MaDdFire #madhandles and any of those, different flows

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